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YouTube Expands Content Takeover For Brands To Maximize Their SOV

Looking for ways to expand your business on YouTube? Here's what you need!

YouTube is a massive platform for sharing videos that is perfect for starting a career. Whether you want to become an influencer or expand your business, the platform helps in both. The content takeover update of YouTube is for all the brands who want to reach a wider audience, increasing their online presence and “Share Of Voice.” Here, we unfold everything you must know about YouTube expanding content takeover to brands.

Brands Can Now Purchase Content Takeover To Receive Maximum Share Of Voice


YouTube expands content takeover to brands, permitting them to have utter control over content creators’ inventories. It could be an entire creator channel, custom lineups, playlists, or specific videos. When brands have control over a specific inventory, they ensure that only their ads display for a determined time. It guarantees that viewers who watch the video will be entirely involved with ads, providing a 100% share of voice. This update is majorly developed to obtain a higher SOV using more inventories.

Brands usually take over the channel with upcoming major events where they can reach a wider audience quickly. For instance, if Usher is performing at the Super Bowl, where there’s a chance of a spike, the brand is more likely to takeover its YouTube channel content to run its ads. This way, they can generate the maximum share of voice while increasing their online presence.


YouTube is expanding its content takeover, an exceptional opportunity for advertisers to improve their share of voice on relevant creator channels. Brands tend to run YouTube ads on different inventories available to creators, which include playlists, videos, and entire creator channels. When brands decide to promote their business with advertisements, they cease the other ads for a designated time to drive all the attention to them.