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YouTube Introduces Three Exclusive Features For Brands

They are not just features but YouTube blessings!

You say whatever; YouTube is on the creator’s side. It may show dozens of ads on videos but never fails to amaze users with its updates. This time, the video-sharing platform has emerged with not just one but three exclusive YouTube features in the creators’ favor. So let’s keep our minds on and discover all of them further.

YouTube Rolls Out Ranges of Features To Increase Brand Conversion


The platform has introduced a range of updates crafted for the brands and creators to expand their reach, increasing conversion rate. Such update includes product tagging in live streams, post-only feeds, videos & shorts uploaded from mobile. Here’s the breakdown:

Product tagging in live streams

Creators with a YouTube shopping affiliate program can tag products from collaborative merchants across live streams, videos, and shorts. Tagged featured products look like the shopping button, allowing users to access the product just by clicking on it. On top of that, YouTubers can also pin the tagged products in live streams to enhance engagement.

YouTube features: Post-only feeds

YouTube has been testing the post-only feeds feature to provide relevant posts to users. Users can access the content by tapping the “view all posts” option, which shows videos from the channel you interacted with earlier. The feature will help brands reach the target audience, increasing engagement and conversion.

YouTube features: Videos & shorts uploaded

With the latest update on YouTube, creators can quickly upload content (videos & shorts) and monetize them within the studio mobile application. This makes the uploading process easier for creators and allows them to share the work across all platforms. This allows the creator to complete the job within less time and use the excess for other notable work.


YouTube Features like product tagging, content uploading through the studio app, and accessing all content from the feed make not just the creator’s but also the user’s life pretty convenient. For instance, in product tagging, products will be just one tap away. Users can access them by tapping. You may not see an update on your device as it still isn’t completely rolled out yet. Wait to let it develop across the platform and use it to upscale your channel.