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YouTube Launches AI Creative Guidance In Google Ads

Now AI is changing the game for advertisers!

At the beginning of September, Google announced a new feature that will provide creative guidance in Google Ads with the help of AI so that video advertisers know what content works the best with its algorithm. Sounds amazing right?

YouTube has been continuously implementing several changes to make the platform more user-friendly. Similarly, Google is also maximizing its efforts to make it easy for advertisers to make maximum profit from their ad campaigns.

Here’s everything you need to know to pump up your video campaigns.

What Is Creative Guidance In Google Ads?

Video ad campaigns are highly engaging and bring maximum results. However, one must be able to nail them perfectly. So you must be questioning how creative guidance in Google Ads works?

Well, Google’s new AI-backed feature will analyze your video ads and will point out what Google considers vital when running a video campaign. Creative guidance in Google ads notifies the advertiser about all the elements that can make the video ad more effective. Hence boosting the overall performance of the video ad.

To understand this better, let’s just say if you have designed a video campaign for YouTube, Creative guidance in Google Ads evaluates all the requirements for the ad to be successful.

The four primary parts it focuses on are:

  • Visibility of the brand logo
  • Duration of the video
  • Video’s aspect ratio
  • The overall voiceover quality of the video

Pro tip: Video ads with voiceovers have more conversions than video ads without them. 

The main goal of this feature is to provide creative suggestions that align with the marketing objectives so that the video campaign is improved.

How To Access Creative Guidance In Google Ads?

Creative guidance in google ads

This feature can be accessed through the Google Ads account. In your account, go to Assets > Videos. Under this Look for Analytics tab, this AI-powered tool will list out all the suggestions that you can correct to improve the video ad.

AI Boosting Video Creation

No doubt AI is a game changer in today’s world, and certainly, it is bringing swirls in the video creation genre too! Through AI, video ads can be optimized and aligned with Google’s creative visions. Google is also planning to expand the evaluation terms. Through this more suggestions, video ads can be tailored to perfection.

Using AI tools like the creative guidance in Google Ads, advertisers can aim for better results since the content gets better, and hence interactions with users get improved.


With Google’s latest launch of creative guidance in Google Ads, improving your ad campaigns has become much more convenient. Through this feature, improve all your video ad campaigns and watch your conversion rates increase!