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How To Increase RPM On YouTube?

Try these strategies to increase RPM on YouTube.

If you’re a YouTuber, you might wonder how to increase RPM on YouTube. RPM, or Revenue Per Mille, is one of the important metrics to determine how much money you make from YT videos. RPM refers to the estimated amount of money you earn per 1,000 views on your videos through different mediums, including ads, YouTube Premium, and channel membership.

How To Increase YouTube RPM?

RPM in Youtube

Here are some strategies that you can use to increase RPM on YouTube:

Optimize Video Title And Description

The video title and description play a significant role in getting more clicks. Ensure that the video titles and descriptions are informative and reflect your content. This will help in increasing the CTR on your videos and lead to an improved RPM.

Choose A Popular Niche

There are certain niches on YouTube that have a high RPM comparatively. These mainly include beauty, finance, tech, and gaming. If you’re a beginner and want to increase your RPM quickly, make videos on one of these high-value niches that interest you.

Create Long Videos

If you want to increase your watch hours on YouTube and keep your viewers engaged, then you need to create long videos that are at least 8 minutes. The longer your videos, the more the chances of YouTube promoting your videos. This happens because YT makes more money from longer videos.

Also, if you have longer videos, you can run mid-roll ads on your videos. With the new ads update, you will be able to combine automated and manual mid-rolls.

Use High Volume Keywords In the Video Tags

Using the apt tags in your video helps reach the right audience as they help your video show up in the search results and the recommended videos. However, not all the keywords help you get the desired visibility; therefore, use the keywords or phrases that have significant search volume. To find these keywords, you can use tools like VidIQ and Tubebuddy.

Build A Subscriber Base

Post engaging and relatable content that your audience is interested in watching. If your viewers like your content, they will turn into lifelong subscribers. Once you have a loyal audience, there will be a rise in the RPM.

Collaborate With Other Content Creators

Collaborating with other creators on YT will help you to get new viewers and more exposure for your YouTube channel. Collaborate with YouTubers who make similar content in a similar niche or have the same target audience as yours. This will help you to expand your audience and further increase RPM.


Since now you have various tips and strategies on how to increase RPM on YouTube, you must use them to boost RPM on your channel. Also, promote your videos over social media to get more views on your YT channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why my YouTube RPM is very low?

If the demand for ads is less or the competition is low, it results in low RPM.

Q2. Do I get paid for RPM in YouTube?

RPM represents Revenue Per Mille and is the accurate amount that the content creator receives for running ads on their content.

Q3. How do I calculate my YouTube RPM?

RPM is calculated by dividing the estimated earnings by the number of views and multiplying it by 1000.