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YouTube Makes Community Posts A Feed Feature For Mobile App

Here's the latest addition by YouTube: Community Notes!

YouTube is all set to bring another engaging update to the YouTube mobile app. The platform has announced a Community posts feed feature, where all the latest text updates from the creators and their channels will be posted.

YouTube is trying to improve the engagement of creators with their viewers. So through the Community posts feed feature, engaging with subscribers or viewers will become way easier!

What Is Community Posts Feed Feature?

Community posts feed feature

Community Notes is a feature that will now be available on your YouTube home feed. This is a place where you will find all the latest updates and trending Community posts from your favorite creators. This section will also include recommended posts based on your interests. Community notes will allow creators to connect with their viewers in a more personal way. Apart from the content they put out, the Community posts feed feature will let them post other special things that allow them be more interactive with their followers.

This is an intelligent move by YouTube as X (formerly known as Twitter) is not sticking to people’s expectations. Even since the platform has been renamed and rebranded, lots of users have stopped posting as much as they used to Tweet. Also, Instagram has launched another app, Threads, with similar features to that of Twitter, which made users shift from X. So, amid all these unexpected changes, YouTube launching Community posts as a feed feature can be a hit!

However, YouTube has not rolled out this feature publically for everyone, as it is in the testing mode. It has been out for fewer Android and iOS users, and in the coming months, it will be out for all. The platform wants to make sure that this section works well for the creator as well as the user. The feature is also only available on the Home tab of YouTube on your mobile app.


The Community posts feed feature is an excellent addition to the Home tab of YouTube as this opens doors for creators to appear more engaging. Interaction with their viewers is even more convenient as users can use this place to inform viewers about their channel. YouTube has been making all kinds of changes to its app to make it more accessible to access for users. Recently, it also replaced the library with the “You” tab. Similarly, YouTube Music for iPhone users got a permanent mini player.