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YouTube Music For iPhone Now Has Permanent Miniplayer

Here's a new update for YouTube Music iPhone Users!

YouTube Music has been undergoing many changes over the past few months. Now YouTube Music for iPhone users has a permanent miniplayer that stays even when no music is playing. First, in June, Android users got this new update, following which now iOS users will get their hands on.

But how is this miniplayer different, and what features does it give access to? Let’s check out the latest advancements in YouTube Music for iPhone users.

Permanent Miniplayer On YouTube Music For iPhone UsersYouTube Music for iPhone

YouTube Music on the iPhone has been updated, and now the app has a new permanent miniplayer with Cast and Airplay access buttons. The platform has replaced the next song shortcut and added this new feature for users’ benefit, as you don’t have to keep clicking to navigate and can simply swipe to change songs. This new update has made the app look cleaner and more accessible for users to access several other features.

To play the next song, the app has now given swipe controls instead of the standard next song button. Clicking on the miniplayer will open the menu that was accessible in the top left corner of the home screen. YouTube Music for iPhone is not the only app that has been undergoing changes. YouTube’s music platform, in general, has been applying several changes so that more and more users use this platform for tuning in their favorite songs.

Another change is that you cannot clear your Queue by swiping down. You need to go to the Now Playing and slide down to the Dismiss Queue. And the whole song will be cleared in a click.

The app has added 5 new mood filters apart from the standard one so that users can find songs according to their moods quickly. YouTube Music for iPhone also has a newly added Podcasts page. Here, users can tune into the latest trending podcasts for free. So switching to this app is undoubtedly a great call if you want to have a better option for listening to songs on the go.


Premium YouTube Music for iPhone users is now priced at $18.99 monthly and is an excellent app for music listeners. The platform offers many easy access queues to its users so that their music listening experience is elevated. So switching from the premium version of other music listening apps like Spotify or Amazon Music is an excellent thought!