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YouTube’s Ad Sharing Model Gives It An Edge Over Competitors

How YouTube has overshadowed all its competitors!

Wondering how YouTube’s Ad sharing model is making creators to stick around? YouTube, the video-sharing giant, is one of the biggest social media platforms for creators to post content for free. The platform is known for being a free space for creators to post their content, and in return, they benefit loads from YouTube’s ad revenue share. Here’s how.

How Does YouTube’s Ad Sharing Model Beneficial For Users?

YouTube shares the ad revenue with its creators. According to their policy, creators get 55% of the Ad revenue generated. This is the biggest way for YouTube to retain creators from posting their content on other sites. This way, YouTube makes sure that creators are satisfied with the earnings they’re making through Ad sales.

This is how YouTube pays billions to its creators apart from spending on all other things. According to chief executive Susan Wojcicki, YouTube paid estimatedly more than $30 billion to YouTubers as a part of their ad money. However, to get eligible for earning through YouTube’s ad program, you need to qualify for the YouTube Partner Program.

YouTubers can start their monetization journey through this program and unlock several benefits. The requirements of YPP are updated and can be quickly completed. The video-sharing platform is looking for all the ways to make new ways for YouTubers to start earning money.

That is the reason why YouTube has reduced its YPP requirements so that even smaller creators can start earning through ads and other monetary ways.

Can You Fall Out Of YouTube’s Ad Sharing Model?

Well yes. YouTube is getting stricter in maintaining it’s video sharing policies and community guidelines. Since YouTubers or content creators have the freedom to create all kinds of content, it does restrict them from creating content that is harmful to viewers. If you’re a YPP member, you must create content that goes with all guidelines.

YouTube closely analyzes all the content posted and strikes the one that violates its policies. The platform may take your ad revenue money or might demonetize your account completely. Hence, understanding YouTube’s Ad sharing model is important. While creating ad campaigns for YT, you must make sure that they contain no profanities.


No doubt, YouTube has become popular among creators over the years. YouTube’s Ad sharing model is the key reason behind its success, as creators are making significant revenue through it. Being a YouTuber, if you’re guessing how you can earn through the platform, then here is an article to help you understand how many subscribers can make you money.