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What Is YouTube Upload Default And How We Can Use It?

Save time before uploading videos on your YouTube channel

If you own a YouTube channel, there are many ways to be efficient. This guide is perfect for you if you are among those YouTubers using YouTube’s web browser for all your uploads. YouTube’s web browser allows you to utilize the YouTube uploads default feature. So, let us see what the YouTube upload default is and how to use it for your YouTube channel.

What Is YouTube Upload Default?

To make things easier before publishing the video on your channel and save time uploading videos, YouTube can really help you save a lot of time. So, there is no need to waste time filling out descriptions and tags every time before uploading the video. But there is a catch! This feature is only available on desktops. So, for example, if you use mobile uploads or a video editor to publish the videos, the setting will not be applicable.

How Is YouTube Default Settings Useful?

The YouTube upload defaults include features like title, description, comments, tags, category, monetization, privacy, ratings, etc. If you enter and save all the details ahead of time, uploading will be much easier.

Using the default description feature, brands and businesses can pre-populate the description field with a paragraph explaining their brand, hashtags, and links to their website and social media channels.

Therefore, the process of uploading the video becomes faster and easier.

How To Set Default Description On YouTube?

There are two types of settings: basic and advanced. Let us look at the steps of each YouTube upload default for your YouTube channel:

Upload Defaults YouTube: Basic Info

Follow the below-mentioned steps to set up and access the basic info:

  • Open YouTube on the desktop

youtube homepage

youtube studio

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the Upload Default


  • Under the Basic Info, you can update the following details: title, description, visibility, and tags.

basic info

  • Add the details and click on the Save Option

Upload Defaults YouTube: Advanced Settings

  • Next to the Basic info tab, click on Advanced Settings
  • Under this tab, the following details can be updated: Language and caption, comments, license, and category.

advanced settings

  • This setting allows you to choose the language of the title and description, the language of the video, and the category of the video, such as news, politics, music, gaming, etc.
  • Select the appropriate options and tap on Save.


YouTube upload defaults are a valuable setting option for YouTubers who want to save time and energy before publishing a video. The steps above for setting a default description on YouTube are simple and straightforward. If you regularly upload videos, this feature will benefit you as publishing videos will become hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Default Category On YouTube?

The YouTube default settings for video categories include the following: comedy, education, cars and vehicles, entertainment, films and animation, gaming, how-to and style, music, news and politics, people and blogs, pets and animals, and many more category options to choose from.

Q2. Which YouTube Category Should I Choose For YouTube?

Your video niche, personal taste, level of expertise, and enthusiasm for content creation should all influence your choice of YouTube category.

Q3. Which YouTube Category Has More Views?

The YT category which has the most views is the music category. Music videos attract a lot of views. The song Baby Shark has received more than 14 billion views because of its catchy tune. It is the most replayed video.