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YouTube Video Ideas That Always Work – 2024 Ideas

What are the best topics to make YouTube videos? YouTube Video Ideas: The Ultimate List

As a YouTuber, you constantly struggle to find new ideas for making videos. Over 500 hours of videos are uploaded every day. With so much competition, you might run out of ideas for making videos! Also, while building new concepts you need to keep in mind YouTube’s terms and policies. Here are some new ideas that are never out of trend and also adhering to the terms and conditions. You can use these ideas to get more views on your videos. These concepts are not genre-specific. Today, in this blog we will be discussing new YouTube video ideas that will help you get your audience hooked to your channel.

Top 6 YouTube Video Ideas

After scenes

Your audience is interested in knowing what goes on behind the scenes. If you have a food channel, you can reveal how you multitask by cooking and shooting the video. Also, you can ask your family members to taste the food and share reviews. If you have a travel vlog channel, you can introduce the people behind the camera.

Entertainment videos

People want to see candid moments. You can make a video showing the bloopers. You can prank your friends, family members, and colleagues.

Tutorial videos

You can share tutorials with your viewers. For eg, if you’re a beauty influencer, you can share how you use these products. If you’re a gamer, make video-sharing gaming tips and techniques. Coach your audience on the procedure to prepare recipes or make crafts using DIY methods.

Share opinions

Your viewers might be leaving questions in your comment section, you can compile all the questions and try answering them in a video. You can also make videos sharing reals facts and bringing an end to certain misconceptions. Share your reviews, recommendations, and suggestions.

Review products

This is applicable to all YouTube creators. If you’re tech-savvy or if you have a food channel or a fashion influencer, share reviews on products that you use. Also, you can shoot while you unbox these products.

Introduce yourself

Share facts about yourself and your lifestyle. Introduce your family members, friends, or colleagues. You can also share your daily routine, a tour of your wardrobe, and introduce your personal spaces where you work or stay.

List of most-liked YouTube Video Ideas


All content creators strive to get maximum views on their videos. As a YouTuber, you too want to want the audience to view your videos and grow your channel on YouTube. Here’s a list of most-viewed YouTube videos:

Instructional / Educational videos

Travelling & Lifestyle vlogs


Workout Challenge videos

Comical / Humorous videos

Concluding thoughts

These YouTube video ideas will definitely help to create new interesting videos. Also, read our guides on best ideas to write effective YouTube video titles.