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How to Get YouTube Comments in 2024?

How to Get More YouTube Comments on Your Videos

Are you constantly thinking about how to get more comments on YouTube? Then you’re at the right place! As a YouTuber, you want to increase your reach on the largest video-sharing platform. So to increase your reach you need increased engagement.

If you are getting a good amount of likes on your video and suffering a low number of comments then here are 12 best ways that will solve your question of “how to get more comments on YouTube”. We will discuss tips that will help you to get comments on YT videos.

List of the best 12 tips to get YouTube comments

Wondering how to get more comments on YouTube? Well you can simply buy comments from paid marketing platforms to boost your comments instantly. However if you want to try other ways, then follow these tips and gain more comments on your YouTube video and grow your channel faster:

Comment first on your videos

This trick is one of the best ways of breaking the ice! First, initiate a conversation with your viewers to get more engagement on your videos. The YouTube algorithm exposes your video to a wider audience once it observes more activity on your YouTube videos and your YT channel.


Try to reply to all the YouTube comments you receive

Another way to solve your question of how to get more comments on YouTube is by being active and replying to your viewers. Reply to all the comments that you receive from your viewers. Also, you can keep on asking questions to increase your comments and engagement rates on that particular post.

Display your audience’s comments on the end screen

You can tell your audience that you will reveal some best comments by your viewers in the next video. Many fans will leave many comments on YouTube videos, and you can take screenshots of the comments and display them before you and your video. You can also call out their names and read the comments aloud! This is one of the easiest ways to get comments on YouTube videos.


Ask questions in your videos.

As a lot of questions while creating a video. Ask your audience to answer them in the comments section. You can also tell them that you will feature their answers in your next YouTube video. This is a fun video content idea!

Comment on YouTube creators videos

You can simply leave comments on the other YouTube creators’ posts belonging to the same niche as yours. Add relevant or witty comments depending upon the content of the video.

This encourages the YouTube Creator to leave a comment on your video!

Create a Question and answer video

This is one of the most beneficial ways to improve engagement in your videos. First, you can ask suggestions to your viewers about the content that they are interested in watching. Then, ask them to leave queries in the comments sections, and make sure you answer them soon.

Your fans will love to ask you some personal questions related to your lifestyle or family. You can make a separate video answering all the questions.

Intimate to your audience that you will be replying to all the comments

Before ending your video, ask your audience to leave comments on your present video, as you will be replying to all their comments in the next few hours. You will receive a long list of YouTube comments that you will tire of replying to!

Conduct prizes and giveaways

If you want to drive a lot of attention on your YouTube channel, you can start giving away prizes and giveaways to your viewers. This is one of the easiest ways to get subscribers and to get more views on YouTube videos.

You can host weekly giveaways and prizes. For example, you can ask your viewers to tag more friends in the YouTube comment section. Imagine the number of comments that you will receive on your YouTube videos.

Collaborate with Youtubers

Collaborate with the YouTube creators of your niche. For example, you can create videos with content creators that are popular with those whom you admire.

This is one of the simplest ways to gain views on YouTube videos and increase the engagement levels on your YouTube channel.

Ask your viewers to spot mistakes in your videos

Why won’t anyone show your mistakes out? While creating a video, you can make a mistake on purpose and ask your viewers to spot the mistake out. This will fill in your YouTube comment section.

Make controversial videos


People always enjoy trolling and making fun on social media platforms. So make content that will be the talk of the town, and your YouTube comments section will be pouring over!

ImJayStation had made a controversial video stating that his girlfriend is dead to get subscribers on his YouTube channel. But YouTubers avoid making such videos as YouTube might ban your videos from YouTube.

Buy YouTube Comments

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Hopefully, we have solved your query about how to get more comments on the YouTube channel. We are sure these tips will help you get comments on YouTube videos to grow your YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I Need A Large Subscriber Base To Get More Comments On My Videos?

If you are wondering how to get YouTube comments on your videos, then the first thing you must understand is that you do not need a large subscriber base for more comments. You simply need an interactive and engaging community that shows you love in every video. You must also ask for your audience’s opinions and views on your content and be open to suggestions. It would also be great if you just ask the viewers to leave comments and let you know what they think of your videos.

Q2. Are There Specific Types Of Content That Tend To Get More Comments?

If you are brainstorming on how to get more comments on YouTube, you must create certain specific types of videos that are on trending and viral topics. It must be entertaining. Also, to increase engagement, upload videos in parts and segments. It generates curiosity among viewers to watch part 2 videos. Another great idea to generate more comments on YT videos is uploading monthly favorites, hosting giveaways, and asking viewers to tag and share videos for lucky draws and gifts.

Q3. How Can I Deal With Negative Comments On My Videos?

The best way to deal with negative comments if you have unknowingly offended the viewers is to acknowledge, apologize, and rectify the mistake. But, oftentimes, it is best to ignore the negative comments, and you do not have to validate every comment. Also, you can control and choose the words and phrases you want to avoid and not see on your channel. Those words will be blocked and not shown on the videos.

Q4. Can I Use Social Media To Promote Comments On My YouTube Videos?

To get YouTube comments, you must cross-promote on various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It gives you an opportunity to reach a wider audience, improve engagement, and even get more views.

Q5. How Can I Make My Video Descriptions More Comment-Friendly?

You can get more comments on YouTube videos through video descriptions by using suitable and proper keywords for the video. You can optimize the video description by adding a call to action and entice the viewer by offering some value after watching the video, increasing engagement on the videos.