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Patreon vs YouTube channel membership: Which is better?

Patreon vs YouTube Channel Membership comparison in 2022

Patreon vs YouTube Channel Membership, this is going to be an interesting battle, lets see which one comes out on top?

You have “40K Subscribers”, “600K Views” these words are music to a YouTuber’s ears. But monetizing these views and subscribers is a tricky business. Although Google Adsense is a proficient earning source for many YouTubers, is it enough?

Apparently not, as the membership business is growing substantially with the leading video streaming platform also allowing creators to monetize memberships.

Patreon and YouTube channel memberships are two salient options. Let’s see, which one is better for you?

What are Patreon and YouTube channel membership?


It is a membership platform that provides creators with an opportunity to earn money by monetizing membership. This connects content creators with fans and supporters. It offers financial tools to video creators, podcasters, writers, vloggers, and artists. This generates a consistent income stream online.

patreon vs youtube

YouTube Channel Membership:

Channel memberships give your subscribers a chance to support your channel through monthly payments in exchange for member-only perks like loyalty badges, personalized emojis, merchandise, and member exclusive content.

Generating a steady income stream of income has always deterred creators from following their passion. Diversifying content on various platforms that help monetize content can prove a proficient step financially.

Which is more convenient: Patreon vs YouTube?


Setting up a YouTube membership channel is very easy. The subscribers can simply join a membership channel at the click of a button while staying on the YouTuber’s channel.

youtube vs patreon

YouTube lets the creator develop the membership program in five different levels.

  • Each level must have 1-5 perks.
  • The creator has autonomous control when it comes to deciding the membership perks for each tier.
  • A higher tier member has access to all the lower tier membership perks.


Creators have to create an account on the platform and choose the Patreon membership package it wants to offer its patrons. Similar to YT, this content streaming platform also allows you to create as many membership tiers as you like.

You can decide whether you want to charge your patrons on each video/creation or on monthly Patreon memberships.

patreon vs youtube membership

As far as convenience is considered, Creating YouTube Membership channel is easier but that being said, you are new to Patreon so its natural that the steps to create an account there would be greater than its counterpart. That doesn’t necessarily mean its tedious or resource draining in any way.

Try judging convenience based on the features and autonomy these two money earning platforms offer you as a creator.



Yt allows the creator to decide the value of their content. They can set the membership fee between $0.99-$100 per month.


It too gives full freedom to the creator in deciding the pricing of their content. Along with it, what perks each tier will offer and at what price, its upto the creator.

youtube membership vs patreon

Both the platforms give full freedom to the creator in deciding the value of their content.

Patreon vs YouTube membership channel: Revenue sharing models

YouTube: While creating a membership channel is free, YouTube takes a hefty 30% cut from your monthly earnings from the platform. However, the 30% cut includes all the processing and transaction fees.

Patreon: Patreon too follows the revenue sharing model. However it provides 3 different plans for creators to choose from, each boasting a different monthly cut between 5-12 % depending on the features the plan proposes. The monthly cut doesnot cover the processing and transaction fees. The creator has to pay that separately.

youtube channel membership vs patreon

While YouTube takes the bigger chunk, you have to factor in the additional fees too. Calculate the costs diligently. However, both the platforms take a cut of your earning, which implies that if you don’t earn anything, you won’t be charged! So no loss in trying the platforms out?

Comparing the Content delivery rules

YouTube: If you have a channel on YT, you probably are aware of the strict guidelines that YouTube demands from its creators. However it also implies that you are used to following YouTube’s rules and regulations as far as content creation is considered.

Patreon: On platforms like Patreon, creators enjoy greater creative freedom than traditional platforms like YouTube. That being said, Patreon has its own set of basic rules and guidelines that creators must adhere to.


In short, leveraging membership programs is a prudent step in monetizing your content online. Additional income option along with YouTube Adsense can help creators generate a stable income and allow them to concentrate completely on what they do best, creating content.

As far as the comparison of Patreon vs YouTube channel membership goes, Patreon seems a better option as it demands a smaller cut of your earnings, allowing you to earn better than you probably can with YouTube.  But thats just one person’s opinion. You do you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are YouTube channel memberships worth it?

Yes, YouTube channel memberships are definitely worth it, as they allow creators to develop an additional income and create better and more content for their subscribers.

What’s the difference between YouTube and Patreon?

Youtube is a video streaming search engine while Patreon is a platform where creators can monetize their content by charging memberships.

What should I offer on YouTube membership?

You can offer exclusive content, loyalty badges, brand emojis, merchandise , access to live streams etc.

Do Youtubers make money from memberships?

Yes youtuber can make a lot of money through you