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How To Fix YouTube Glitches? (Solved) – Updated 2023

Why are my YouTube videos glitching? How do I fix glitched videos?

Coming across YouTube glitches is something that we wouldn’t want to face. There can be chances why a YouTube video not loading. You may find that YouTube videos are not playing on your PC or tablets which can be a by-product of many reasons! If you are encountering the same problems as stated above, hold on tight as we are providing you the best hacks for the same! Let’s start without further delay on fixing the YouTube glitches!

What Is The Reason Behind YouTube Glitches?

YouTube glitches

There can be many reasons for YouTube videos to not play. Internet connection is the topmost is closely followed by browsing issues! Take a look at some of the prime causes!

Mobile issues

Mobiles can also act as contributors for YouTube videos not loading. It can be because of limited storage data. You can solve this by restarting the whole thing!

The browser can block you from enjoying the video

YouTube glitches

There can be instances where your browser is the first suspect. This mostly happens when the browser you are currently using prevents you from browsing the video on it! The simple solution is using some other browser for video viewing purposes.

How Do I Fix YouTube Glitches?

We knew this question will arise when you come across the issue. But you don’t need to worry as the fixes for both are pretty easy!  Take a look at the below-listed solutions for fixing YouTube video glitch lines!

  • Restart your device.
  • Update the app to the lasted version of YouTube.
  • Update your handset also. This can sometimes solve the issue instantly.
  • Clearing the YouTube cache is the first thing that we do.
  • Delete and install the YouTube app again. We know it is too much work, but don’t be a lazy sloth.

How do I fix YouTube fullscreen glitch?

The easiest step is by refreshing the whole app. If you are using a laptop, press the F5 button or tap on the refresh option. After you do this, make sure to wait till the page reloads and the YouTube videos will fix it! You can also use them on YouTube glitches on fullscreen!

Why Is YouTube Glitching On My Phone? 

This can be because of the excessive usage of YouTube. When you use the app for a longer period of time, there can be some errors here and there, which make result in glitching of YouTube. You can fix this by clearing the cache and data for YouTube!

What To Do When YouTube Glitches In Chrome?

YouTube glitches

Follow the below steps to fix the YouTube in chrome!

  • Enable JavaScript for a better coverage
  • Clear the cache of the chrome and all the cookies
  • Internet connection speed as always can hamper your surfing.
  • If you face YouTube glitch screen Android be sure to restart chrome
  • Close the tabs that are not responsive
  • Get rid of any possible malware

From the above steps, you can easily fix the YouTube glitch screen 2021! Do you know that you can also fix other errors on YouTube in an easy manner too! Be sure to check out how to fix error 410!


We hope that we have managed to clear out all the possible ways to fix the YouTube glitches!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.1 Why is my YouTube screen glitchy?

Ans.1  A glitch in your browser is a reason why you cannot watch your favorite YouTube videos! A simple solution is that you can use a different browser to fix the issue. 

Ques.2 How do I fix YouTube fullscreen glitch?

Ans.2 You can fix the YouTube fullscreen glitch by refreshing the whole site. The simple step is to press the F5 key on your keyboard and your work is done. 

Ques.3 How do I fix my YouTube screen?

Ans.2 The steps to fix a YouTube glitch are listed below!

  • Log out of the YouTube account
  • Close the browser and restart the same
  • Check for browser updates