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Top 8 YouTube Channel Ideas To Make Money

What is the best ideas for YouTube channel? Best Ways How to Make Money on YouTube

Are you thinking of starting your YouTube Channel? YouTube has more than 37 million YouTube channels worldwide. Honestly, starting a channel is not difficult but gaining income out of your channel is a bit challenging. Before you start a channel, discover what is your forte! Here in this blog, we will discuss YouTube Channel ideas to make money.

Top 8 YouTube channel Ideas to make money

Here are the top 8 ideas to start your YouTube Channel and earn money:


If you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel and love playing games, you can for sure start a gaming channel! I am sure you must have heard of PewDiePie, he has the maximum number of subscribers in the top 10 channels with most YouTube subscribers. You can surely start a gaming channel since that’s very much in trend!


With the current pandemic situation, kids are studying from home. Start an educational channel that will help students to understand the syllabus and learn easily.

Comedy and Prank

Entertainment is never out of trend! If you have a good sense of humor and very spontaneous with jokes, you can try your hands on starting a channel.

Fitness and Health

You can take advantage of the current pandemic situation as fitness centers, gyms are shut! If you love fitness and Yoga, go ahead and share and start a fitness channel.

Travel Vlogs

Do you love to travel and explore places? Do you love adventures and visiting new regions? Vlogging is trending on YouTube. You can share your lifestyle and daily routine as well if you’re comfortable with it!

Music and songs

Who has not heard Shawn Mendes and Charlie Puth? They started their careers with YouTube. And today both have an amazing career as musicians! Do not hesitate to upload your videos on YouTube, if you create music on songs.

Product reviews

People do not buy any products or services without reading or learning enough about the product. Hence, you can start sharing product reviews and tips about the products that you use. You can also share techniques to use the product efficiently.

Movies, Series reviews

Likewise learning about the product before you purchase it, people even watch reviews before watching movies. If you like watching movies and spend a lot of Netflix, you can start sharing reviews.

Concluding thoughts

You start a YouTube channel, you need to know what you would be interested in doing. These YouTube Channel Ideas will definitely help you to give a start to your channel. Read some best tips on how to start a gaming channel, if you are a gamer! Once you start a YouTube Channel, you might need some ideas to create videos on, read our guide on How to find the best topics for your channel.