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How To Get A YouTube Featured Snippet?

How do you get featured snippets? How Embedded YouTube Videos Can Improve Organic Traffic

Are you looking to create a YouTube video that ranks as featured snippets? Users searching for something on Google might come across YouTube videos on the results page before any other blogs and websites. YouTube and Google search go hand in hand, so your video optimization game needs to be spot-on.

Lately, “How To” videos are trending and popular on YouTube. Creators use this type of video content to attract more audiences and get more views. With Google showing more YouTube videos to answer users’ questions, your video has a higher chance of appearing as a featured snippet on Google.

Here’s how you can get a featured snippet on YouTube. Read till the end to learn more.

There’s a difference between YouTube Featured Snippets, YouTube Knowledge Panel, and YouTube Suggested Clips. To clear up the confusion, let’s explore these terms.

Google Knowledge Hierarchy

Google Knowledge hierarchy

YouTube Featured Snippet

YouTube Featured Snippet

A YouTube Featured Snippet appears on Google’s search results page as a part of the Knowledge Graph or Panel. For example, when searching for “How does the YouTube algorithm work,” you will find a website featured on position zero answering your question directly. This tiny box is called a featured snippet; if your blog ranks in this space, it is remarkably search engine optimized and recommended by Google. Videos work in the same way.

The top videos from YouTube will appear below the featured snippet. YouTube featured snippets that answer a user’s query in the form of a YouTube video. For example, when searching for a famous dialogue by DC character Joker – “Why so serious?” you will find a YouTube video in the featured snippet section.

YouTube Knowledge Graph

YouTube Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Panel is part of Google’s Knowledge Graph that appears above the featured snippet. For example, when you search for the “Best Hollywood Movies 2021,” you will see a carousel of movies suggested by Google. Each movie is a separate suggestion box put together to give the best possible results.

YouTube Knowledge Panel

YouTube Knowledge Panel

YouTube’s Knowledge Panel is a part of the YouTube Knowledge Graph that showcases famous personalities and public figures. Like a Wikipedia page, it provides detailed information and social media links to their profiles, news sources, etc.

YouTube Suggested Clip

YouTube Suggested Clip

YouTube’s suggested clip is a featured snippet that explicitly answers a user’s question in a video format with timestamps related to your query.

How to Optimize YouTube Videos for Video Featured Snippets?

(Source: Exposure Ninja)

If you are looking for ways to get your videos featured in the snippets section, you must optimize your YouTube videos. Here’s how you can do that.


Keywords are the crux of ranking on Google’s search engine. Conduct thorough keyword research using online tools and YouTube’s autosuggest. Make a list of relevant keywords to your video content and use them in your video’s titles, descriptions, and tags.


While creating your YouTube video’s intro, keep it short and crisp. Try to cover your content’s summary in the first 10 seconds. Next, insert your channel logo and remind them to like and subscribe to your channel. Create a customized YouTube thumbnail using Canva and watch your channel grow.


Create your content by providing a solution that helps, entertains, or educates your viewers. Keep it simple yet detailed in a step-by-step format. Try creating evergreen YouTube video content tailored to your target audience. Such content has a better chance of ranking higher on YouTube’s results page and boosting your view count.

YouTube Featured Snippet Factors

Google considers the below-mentioned factors while considering your videos for a YouTube-featured snippet.

  • Relevance
  • Expertise, Authority, and Trust (EAT)
  • Timeliness

How Google Selects A Suggested Clip?

Google chooses a suggested video snippet depending on how well it fits the user’s search criteria. It finds the most relevant and brief part of the video by analyzing user interaction signals (like views, likes, and comments) and metadata. The purpose of this suggested video is to provide viewers an immediate response to their question or problem, making their search more efficient and fruitful overall.

Google will check if:

  • Your keywords are related to your video content.
  • The video topic is straightforward, easy to understand, and provides enough information.
  • Your description explains your video in detail.
  • The video shows expertise and authority over the subject and is from a trusted source.
  • The video’s introduction is taking too long to get to the solution.

You have reached the end of this blog; I hope these pointers help you get your YouTube video featured as a snippet on Google. Are you wondering if going through all this trouble is worth it? The answer is YES! Imagine getting more views and subscribers on your channel. In addition, you can easily monetize your channel and earn easy money through YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is A YouTube Featured Snippet?

In response to a user’s search query, a video known as a “snippet” will appear at the top of YouTube’s search results. Website owners do not have to pay for these because they affect organic searches. The Google Algorithm determines which videos are highlighted in YouTube’s featured snippets depending on factors like quality, topic relevance, and how effectively the video answers the question. On top of that, the video segment corresponding to your query will also be displayed in the YouTube snippet.

Q2. How Can I Optimize My YouTube Video For A Featured Snippet?

Following these key optimization strategies, you can get a snippet of YouTube video. Optimize keyword research along with title and description, create relevant and quality content videos, design engaging thumbnails, and develop longer videos to promote engagement on your channel. More importantly, it is essential to understand the user intent of the audience following you.

Q3. How Does Engagement Affect Featured Snippet Eligibility?

YouTube video snippets get more visibility if the videos are engaging. When YouTubers maintain high user engagement with likes and shares, respond to comments, and value feedback from the audience, it makes the Google Algorithm believe that the content is reliable and valuable.

Q4. Does Video Duration Matter For Featured Snippets?

There is no such ideal video length for a featured snippet. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to cover and optimize the topic at the beginning of the video and provide as much information as possible on the topic concisely.

Q5. Can I Increase My Chances Of Getting A YouTube-Featured Snippet By Optimizing My Video’s Metadata?

Make sure that the titles, descriptions, and tags you use to describe the content are clear and to the point. Make your video more discoverable by YouTube’s algorithms by including relevant keywords and content. This way, you can increase the chances of getting a YouTube-featured snippet.

Q6. Does The Length Of My YouTube Video Affect Its Chances Of Being Featured As A Snippet?

Your video’s duration does affect its likelihood of being included as a clip on YouTube as a snippet. Snippets are known for their brief yet helpful information, thus it seems to reason that shorter videos that answer the user’s question more immediately would be chosen. On the other hand, lengthier videos that are highly engaging and provide useful information can also be highlighted if they successfully address the user’s search purpose.

Q7. Can I Collaborate With Other Creators Or Influencers To Increase My Video’s Chances Of Being Featured As A Snippet?

Partnering with well-known channels or influencers in your field will help you reach a wider audience, boost interaction, and create more high-quality, relevant content. This will raise the likelihood that your content will appear prominently in search results.