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How are YouTube Views Counted: Everything You Need to Know

YouTube views may seem straightforward at first, but in reality, it can be challenging to figure out what counts as a view.

If you want to understand views on YouTube, it is important to understand what a view means. YouTube counts a view based on whether the viewer has watched a video or not. YouTube views may seem straightforward at first, but in reality, it can be challenging to figure out what counts as a view.

If you want to measure the success of your video content by the number of views it gets, or want to see how far away your channel is from making money or getting famous, you need to better understand how YouTube counts views.

How are views counted on YouTube?

youtube view count

YouTube needs to know that your videos are getting views from real people. A view is counted on YouTube only if:

  • A user purposely initiates the display of a video.
  • The user stays on the video for at least 30 seconds.

If you skip a video but the total time spent watching the videos is more than 30 seconds, the view counts. Repeated views are counted only up to a certain point. If your video is less than 30 seconds, we don’t know how many users it will take for the views to be counted. Such videos cannot be monetized either.

Watch bots

watch bots

Are you wondering how YouTube knows if a watch bot is watching your videos? YouTube studies user behaviour. If a user is jumping from one video to another without any link to the previous video and spends less than 30 seconds, it assumes that the user is a watch bot and stops counting its views. YT won’t count your views if you leave spam comments on a video as well.

YouTube Live View Count

youtube live count

YouTube Live is a way for creators to share their real-time video content with their audience. Like its other uploaded content, YouTube counts live views as well if it meets the community guidelines. YouTube creators use live videos to interact and engage with their subscribers, making it one of the best ways to get more views on your videos.

What is a view on YouTube?

With billions of users, many have tried different methods to trick the platform into counting their views. Users fake the number of views to help monetize a channel and bring advertisers to the channel. To minimize the possibility of YouTubers manufacturing fake views, the platform created a system called the YT Algorithm that detects a real view.

YouTube Views Analytics

youtube analytics

To track the number of views on your YT videos, you can go to YouTube Analytics and go through the detailed report. But it sure is difficult to understand whether a view is fake or real. Those statistics aren’t available on analytics. But you sure can access data that’s useful to grow your YouTube channel and your subscriber base.

Here are the top YouTube Analytic Tools that will help you track your video and channel’s performance.


YouTube views are an essential part of YouTube monetization. The number of views on a YT video shows how well the video performs and that users enjoy the video content. This also speaks volumes about the channel and the quality of the content. While getting views isn’t an easy task, here are a few ways to increase your YouTube views organically.

If these don’t give you the expected results, you can always buy YouTube views through online services. Veefly is among the popular platforms that offer YouTube Promotional Services using the latest YouTube promotion strategies by taking your video directly to your target audience.

I hope this guide has cleared your questions about how YouTube counts views on your videos. Let us know about the struggles you face when garnering more views on your YT videos in the comment section.