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Why Does YouTube Freeze Views?

How long do YouTube views freeze for? How to Correct Freezing & Stalling of YouTube Videos

YouTube views are one of the most critical metrics to measure the success of your video. But sometimes, why do YouTube views freeze? The reason can be attributed to the YT algorithm, which checks the authenticity of views before updating the count. It takes this step to ensure that the views are genuine and not artificially inflated through fraudulent means to hit the monetization goals of the channel.

When views freeze on YouTube videos, the view count may appear stuck at a number for a few hours to a few days. Looking at the pause in viewership count can be frustrating and can lower your excitement of sharing your content on the world’s largest video-sharing platform. Let’s dive deeper and understand how to unfreeze YouTube views and what is counted as a view on your videos.

How To Unfreeze YouTube Views?

If your YouTube views have been stuck for the past few days, then the real reason could be that YouTube is constantly auditing the views to ensure they are legit and verifying the accuracy of the views. To fix the problem of YouTube views freezing, you can do the following:

1. YouTube Glitch:

Wait for YouTube to resolve the YouTube freeze views, as it could be a simple glitch. It can take some time to update the views or the count statistics. The viewership count unfreezes automatically once the system verifies its authenticity.

2. Updates In Progress:

It is also possible that YouTube’s algorithms are updating or changing, causing the view count slowing down or freezing. It should resolve the issue within a few hours. Content creators can check their real-time activity on YouTube Studio to see if the YouTube views are updated.

3. Clear Cache Memory:

Clear your browser’s cache and try refreshing the video page. The cache memory of the browser may cause a hindrance to increasing the viewership count. Clearing the cache forces the algorithm to respond effectively and cause an increase in the view count.

4. Share Your Video:

Although you must already have shared it with your social circle, sharing your video with a wider audience through other social media channels is recommended. It helps unfreeze YouTube views and increases your potential subscriber count. The algorithm also tracks the details of your subscribers while verifying the authenticity of views. Explore the top 7 tips for free YouTube views to get the most out of this.

5. Change The Video’s Status To Private:

Changing the video’s status to private and then reverting it to public afterward is another method for unfreezing YouTube video views. The number of videos you have will be displayed after this hack.

6. Contact YouTube Support:

Suppose your YouTube views are frozen for an extended period, even after trying the abovementioned methods. In that case, you must contact YouTube support for assistance on how to unfreeze YouTube views on your particular videos. The support team will investigate the root cause and take action to unfreeze the view count.

What Is A YouTube View?

When a viewer watches a video for over 30 seconds, the platform counts it as a YouTube view. Likewise, YouTube will count your views even if you skip a video after watching it for 30 seconds. However, if the viewing duration is less than 30 seconds, YouTube doesn’t count it as 1 view.

Learn more about How Does YouTube Count Views through a detailed guide.

View Count Vs. Real-Time Views In Analytics

You can see how many times a video has been viewed on YouTube by looking at its view count. On the other hand, real-time views display the precise number of viewers of a video right now. While total views indicate popularity, real-time views show how engaged people are right now. A view count is like a grand total; real-time views are like a live audience. Counting views gives creators a bird’s-eye view of their video’s success over time, while viewings in real-time give a more instantaneous snapshot of how engaged their audience is.


YouTube freeze views, ensuring that they are genuine instead of fake views. It is an often occurring situation for content creators, and there’s no need to panic about this. Try the methods highlighted in this article to unfreeze the view count. You can also explore the top 3 reasons why your YouTube views are dropping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Does It Take For YouTube To Unfreeze Views?

YouTube can slow down or freeze the views to check the authenticity and trustworthiness of the views. It can take up to three business days for YouTube to update the views on the videos.

Q2. Will Frozen YouTube Views Affect My Video’s Ranking?

If YouTube keeps decreasing the views because it detects them as fake, it might affect the video’s ranking and hamper the channel’s growth. YouTube may temporarily pause your video while they perform routine channel maintenance or algorithm updates.

Q3. Can Frozen YouTube Views Be Harmful For My Channel?

If you’re a new YouTuber attempting to monetize your channel, frozen YouTube views can be detrimental to growing your channel since they limit its reach to a limited audience.

Q4. Are There Any Other Tips To Avoid Frozen YouTube Views?

If the video’s views have been stagnant for a long time, then you can try the following methods:

  • Target the right audience or niche.
  • Perform on-page and off-page SEO effectively.
  • Check, review, and limit the hurtful comments.
  • Concentrate on pushing high video quality.
  • Make meaningful and trending content.

Q5. Why Does YouTube Typically Freeze Views On A Video?

If you are constantly wondering why YouTube freezes views, you must know it is temporary. Views are frozen because YouTube wants to check the legitimacy of the views to verify whether they are real.

Q6. Can Content Creators Appeal Or Dispute The Freezing Of Views On Their Videos?

YouTubers can raise a concern to appeal by contacting YouTube support to ensure that the dispute of YouTube views frozen is handled promptly. YouTubers can submit requests for review and resolve the issue.

Q7. Does YouTube Freeze Views On All Videos, Or Are Certain Videos Targeted?

YouTube does not target any specific videos, but it may pay a close watch on any video whose views are rapidly increasing views and counts to verify whether they are real or fake. If the video has valid views, the video will unfreeze, and you shouldn’t have a problem.