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How to Optimize the best Description for Ranking – YouTube description

How do I optimize my YouTube top ranking? Optimise Your YouTube Title, Description, and Tags

YouTube has been the best video-sharing platform since 2005 and has over 37 million channels. With so much competition over 2021, do you want to become a renowned creator on YouTube? If you’re a beginner you might assume that it is impossible. But let me tell you, this is not tough as you think. All you need to do is optimize your videos with the right keywords in your title, description, and tags.

As a content creator, you want to draw the maximum attention to your channel. You can do so by optimizing your YouTube video and YouTube channel descriptions. This blog will help you understand the different types of YouTube descriptions and why they are important for ranking.

Difference between YouTube Channel and YouTube Video Description

YouTube Channel descriptions appear on your channel page, in the ‘About’ section. You need to give an overview of what your channel is about.

The description that you write below your videos is the YouTube video description. You can write up to 5000 words, but only 200 words are visible, to read more audience need to click on the ‘more’ tag.

How to optimize your YouTube description?

Specific keywords


Include keywords that are relevant to the content in the video. Do not use keywords that are irrelevant or illegal according to YouTube’s terms and conditions. You can also include relatable keywords.

Explain to your viewers what to expect

Your description acts as a window to your video. It tells the audience in short what they can expect in your video. Also, in your channel description, you can enter words that explain the niche your channel promotes.

Give a human touch


Give your own touch to the description. No one will want to read something that is auto-written. Write the description in a way as if you are talking to the audience one-on-one.

Insert links and metadata

Add links to your website links in your channel description. Also, the music that you use in your videos or something that needs to be given credit should be included in your YouTube description This lets the audience know that your channel is authentic and is run by an individual or an organization. Metadata is like a brief summary that you can include in your channel and video description.

Include hashtags


Hashtags are the trendsetters. Insert keywords in your trending keywords in your descriptions. Avoid using more than three keywords.

Take advantage of YouTube analytics

Write YouTube descriptions according to the trending keywords. You can also refer to your competitor’s description to run along or ahead of them. You can also keep tweaking the description to see what is trending or giving you more viewers and subscribers.

Embed social media links

Do not forget to add social media links in your channel description. Firstly, this proves your channel’s authenticity, and secondly, your viewers know that it is the only official account you have.

Add schedule timings

You can also include the timings that you plan to schedule or upload your videos on in your description. Let your audience know when you stream online, to increase engagement on your channel as it helps you to get your videos ranked on YouTube.

Concluding thoughts on YouTube Description

These techniques will definitely help you to rank your videos. Also do read our guide on tips to improve your YouTube SEO Strategy and the best YouTube SEO practices for beginners.