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How to Find Trending YouTube Tags?

What tags get the most views on YouTube? YouTube SEO : How to find the best traffic-generating keywords

YouTube has over a billion users across the globe. If you are a YouTube creator, you know how difficult it is to rank your videos over so much competition in 2021. Are you wondering how will you get more views on YouTube, as you know more than 1000 videos are uploaded every day? Making unique content and uploading videos frequently are some things you can do to keep your audience hooked to your channel! As you know, YouTube’s algorithm gives more importance to trending videos. So if you want to rank your videos on YouTube, using trending YouTube tags is the way to do it! Today, in this blog I am going to discuss tips to use the best YouTube tags and the trending YouTube Tags.

What are Trending YouTube Tags?

YouTube tags are relatable words or phrases used to tell the audience what your video is about. To rank your videos you need to optimize your videos by using keywords in your title, description and tags. Here is a list of some trending tags that will help you uprank your videos on YouTube.


List of best YouTube Tags

Gaming Channels


#up gaming

#free fire

#Ferran gaming

#Royalty gaming

Beauty/fashion channel

#fashion trends 2021

#best fashion trends

#fashion over 40

#beauty tips

#beauty secrets

Food channel

#street food


#food videos

#food challenge

#tasty recipes

Educational channel




#educational channel


How to find YouTube Tags?

You always need to know what keywords are trending for your niche. Where will you look for trending tags and how? Also, do not get confused between keywords and tags. Words that describe your video and are included in your title, description, and tags are keywords. YouTube tags appear in the description section of your video. You just don’t need to worry about it with online YouTube tags generators at your disposal.

Here are the five best YouTube tags finder that will help you to find keywords:

Keyword tool

YTube tool

Rapid tags

SEO Book

Keyword Keg

Also, here are tools that will help you to find keywords for your YouTube videos



Keywords everywhere

Concluding thoughts

Using trending YouTube tags is very important if you want to rank your videos. Also, read our guide to understand YouTube tags in detail and why are they important. These are some tips you need to keep in your mind while working on your YouTube tags:

Avoid these errors in your YouTube tags

  • Do not use unrelated keywords in your tags
  • No spaces in hashtags
  • Illegal tags are should be avoided
  • Do not overuse tags

To do pointers in your YouTube tags

  • Use keywords in your tags, description, and title
  • Practice alternative tags
  • Utilize simple and unique tags
  • Use phrases in your tags