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How to maximize your brand voice with video marketing

You must have noticed an upward trend in video marketing recently. Marketers are now embracing this new trend and making video marketing a part of their marketing strategy. Using marketing video helps businesses convey their brand messages more transparently and creatively. YouTube is the best video-sharing platform to integrate this strategy and open up your brand to a new set of audiences and build a strong brand image. Today, it is known as the ultimate video marketing tool for marketers.

In this blog, we will look at a few key points that will help marketers maximize their brand voice through video marketing and build a robust video strategy.

Create your presence on video platforms


Today, platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, etc., are ruling the world of video content, with millions of users utilizing their services for information and entertainment. Brands should create a presence on such platforms and slowly build an audience base to share their brand goals.

Brands can make use of YouTube Ads to boost their ROI. YouTube Ads will also help you reach your target audience without waiting for them to find you. Since users are on these platforms mainly for the video content, as a brand, you can conduct a research understanding of what your audience craves and create video content based on that information.

Quality over quantity

Video content 101 is always choosing the quality over the quantity of your videos. Always remember that one great video with high-quality content can beat 100 videos on your channel with low-quality content. Users look for videos that entertain and educate about the brand at the same time. High-quality videos will boost your brand image and spike your sales by converting potential customers into a loyal fan base.

To create top-quality videos on YouTube, you need to understand its marketing strategy and play by its guidelines and policies. If you are solely focusing on increasing views on your videos, here are the top 10 ways to get more views on your YouTube videos.

  1. Use descriptive keywords in the title
  2. Utilize tags
  3. Make use of cards
  4. Customize your thumbnails
  5. Use keyword-rich descriptions
  6. Collaborate with guest YouTubers
  7. Include end screens
  8. Create playlists
  9. Promote your videos through embedded links
  10. Invest in promotional platforms

Read a detailed version of these pointers in our guide on how to get more views and choose what works best with your brand to have a more powerful impact on YouTube.

Before creating any video, make sure to understand what your audience is looking for and what topics might be much easier for them to digest. Try embedding your brand’s vision in each video and focus on the critical elements of your products.

Share your brand story via storytelling


Video marketing is an easy way for brands to share their story with their audience. While Tiktok, Snapchat, and Instagram focus on short-form content, your best bet to embrace storytelling as a video marketing strategy is YouTube. YT supports long-form video content, making it easy to convey your message without editing any parts.

But remember to be creative and innovative with your long-form videos. Users are impatient and like their content to be short, crisp, and to the point. If you plan on creating long videos, try using a narrative that keeps your audience hooked to the screen.

Use the “E”s

Finally, make use of the three “E”s – Educate, engage and energize.


You can educate your audience with well-informed videos after getting all the facts and statistics right and conducting thorough research on your choosing topic. Any errors here will directly affect the watch time of your videos and drive the audience away.


As a brand, you can engage with your audience by creating interactive posts and uploading your videos at the right time on the right platform. To do this, you need to know when your audience is the most active on each platform. You can also engage with them through the comments section by acknowledging their comments and responding to their comments and queries.


Energizing your audience is directly linked to engagement. If your users aren’t getting any response from you, they will stray away and not engage with your brand in the future. Build a relationship with your audience by letting them know that you are listening to what they have to say and using their criticism as a motivation to create much better content.


The pointers mentioned above will help you maximize your brand voice and build a strong relationship with your audience. On YouTube video marketing, the only struggle is to get more views on your videos. The higher the number of views on your videos, the more your videos’ chances of ranking higher on the search engine.

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