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How To Conduct A YouTube Channel Audit?

What is Channel Audit? Read and find the best practices to conduct a channel audit on YouTube.

What is a YouTube audit? If you have a YouTube channel, then it is a must for you to check and track the performance of your channel. Since the competition on YouTube is so high and content creators upload engaging content daily, a YouTube channel audit is an excellent plan to improve your video’s probability of getting discovered on the platform.

So, let’s understand why conducting a YouTube audit is essential and what measures you can take to evaluate the channel’s performance. You can track the performance in just a few steps by assessing your content, understanding your audience, reviewing your uploading schedule, and other metrics.

What Is YouTube Audit? Why Is It Essential?

Sometimes, even after following a clear and precise strategy for content creation for your channel, there are chances that the channel’s and video’s growth may slow down, and you will not see new subscribers, likes, and comments.

At times like these, a thorough, in-depth analysis of the channel and videos can significantly push your channel toward an onward journey to get more views and subscribers.

So, a channel analysis or a YouTube audit can help you fix problem areas around your content if and when you encounter them.

Now, let us understand why an audit YouTube channel is essential.

  • An audit video YouTube allows you to identify new opportunities
  • It will enable you to focus on optimizing your content strategy
  • YouTube audit lets you prepare a strategy that needs urgent attention on the channel. For example, video description, thumbnails, hashtags, etc.)

Steps On How To Conduct A YouTube Channel Audit

In this section, we will explain how to proceed with an audit of your YouTube videos:

  • Evaluate The Channel As A Whole

The first step is to analyze your videos as a whole. Take a beat and check the following elements on the YT channel.

youtube audit

  1. Make sure you are targeting the right keywords.
  2. The channel’s description summarizes your brand so that the audiences understand who you are and the things you are aiming to achieve
  3. Also, the YT thumbnails, profile pictures, and banner art are mobile-friendly and engaging but not misleading. Additionally, the YT outros, end screen, etc., and YT CTAs must be consistent in all the videos so that the viewer stays on the channel, which increases the viewership.
  4. Next, your channel’s playlists and featured videos need attention. You must ensure that your playlists are organized, and your target audiences are watching recommended and suggested videos by you.
  • Evaluate The Uploaded Content

Once you analyze the channel as a whole, go step by step. Through your YT studio, it is time to track which videos perform better and which are not. Take a look at the top-performing videos and figure out the reasons why they are performing better. Compare the data with other videos and try to optimize videos accordingly.

YT analytics

Understanding the video’s strengths and weaknesses is essential to optimize and fix the problems in your content strategy. Here, it is crucial to analyze the types of videos that are performing well. Pay attention to the average watch time and recurring subscribers on your videos.

Taking a trip down memory lane will help you provide data and insights on the outdated videos. Additionally, it can serve as beneficial brainstorming sessions and allow you to fill in gaps and tap into opportunities and ideas that competitors are publishing.

YouTube channel audit also helps you to recognize whether your channel is globally accessible or not. To improve your channel’s discoverability and, in turn, gain more subscribers and views, ensure you add subtitles to your videos to be accessible to a broader audience.

  • Understand Your Audience

As you grow and evolve on the platform, it is natural that the audiences evolve, too. One of the solid parameters to evaluate the channel’s health is checking up on the demographics, age, gender, and target audience. It provides you with an insight into what the audience prefers and likes so that it gives you a chance to generate content that hits the target.

audience analysis

YouTube Analytics is a free tool for all YouTubers to better understand, track, evaluate, and optimize their channels.

  • Study Your Competitors

It is vital to monitor your competition and help you to develop a content strategy. See what channels and YouTubers your viewers are watching. This will help you better grasp the audience’s behavior and pay special attention to your channel’s growth metrics, such as video tags, title, layout, and visuals. Also, by judging your competitor’s videos, you can compare and see if you have a particular topic covered on your channel.

  • Track Your Uploading And Posting Frequency

On YouTube, it is essential to stay consistent. Ensure you track the posting schedule. For your audience to remember you, you must post 1-2 times a week. The attention span on social media platforms is very much less. So, to improve your channel’s visibility, you must upload engaging videos that allow you to interact with your audience.

A regular posting schedule will provide you the opportunity to monetize your videos and get sponsorship deals as much as possible.


YouTube audit is not challenging but requires a lot of hard work. The real challenge is understanding your audience’s needs and expectations so that you can exceed their expectations with content that truly resonates with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Audit My YouTube Channel For Free?

YouTube Analytics provides a comprehensive report on your video’s audience, watch time, likes, views, comments, etc. It also helps you to optimize your content for free. All you have to do is pay close attention to your analytics.

Q2. What Is A YouTube Audit Check?

It is an in-depth understanding of the channel’s performance on YouTube. Also, it is about monitoring your position among the competitors to understand your status on the platform.