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How To Generate YouTube Video With AI?

Create trending videos in quick steps using AI YouTube video maker.

As a YouTuber, do you often find it stressful to create and edit YT videos, write their scripts, and publish them on your channel? Relax. This article will walk you through the new way of making videos using AI YouTube video maker.

How does an AI YouTube Video Maker make a creator’s life easier? Making YouTube videos requires a significant investment of time, energy, and money. An AI YouTube video maker makes the entire video creation and editing process scalable, less time-consuming, and cost-effective.

What Are AI Generated YouTube Videos?

AI Generated YT Video

Artificial intelligence-generated YouTube videos are created using various algorithms that analyze different types of data inputs, like texts, images, and audio, to produce a video output.  An AI YouTube video maker simplifies the steps involved in creating YT videos. It automates the process of generating scripts, adding video clips, putting voiceovers, texts, background music, and adding transition elements. The process automation gives more time to the creator to work on more ideas and create more engaging content that their audience will truly love.

There are numerous Artificial Intelligence-based editing tools and software that make it simple to turn your ideas into videos in real-time.

How To Create AI Generated YouTube Videos?

AI YouTube Video Generators allow users to create video content without any equipment by simply using AI.

1. Create A Video Script

An AI YouTube Video Maker relies on the text-to-video function to create videos using the text entered by the user. You can use AI-based tools like ChatGPT or other AI video makers to create the script. It gives you a clear understanding of the type of video you want to create. It acts as a guiding post to execute the steps ahead. Take the time to carefully review the YT video script, as it can immensely impact the video creation process.

2. Choose An Avatar In An AI YouTube Video Maker

You can always choose an AI-based avatar to act as the narrator or presenter in your YouTube video. Based on the AI YouTube video maker you use, there could be more than 120 diverse AI avatars to choose from. You can always adjust the size and position of the avatar using the app settings of the video maker.

3. Select An Appropriate Voice

Since you know the content type of your video, it is now time to add an appropriate AI-enabled voice to your videos. You can use the text-to-speech feature that allows you to paste your video script into the designated box.

The AI for YouTube video transforms your script into an AI voiceover. You can also select your preferred dialect and voice style. Additionally, you gather the necessary resources like text, images, and audio that will go into the video.

4. Edit The Video

In this stage, you add stock images, background videos, screen recordings, shapes, text-on-screen, and background music. Most Artificial Intelligence tools for making YouTube videos will prompt you to choose a professionally designed template before generating the video.

5. Generate The Video

Once you have made the final edits to refine it to your needs, you just need to generate the required video. The algorithm checks the various input data types, and the elements pass through a content moderation process. In the end, you can export the video in your desired format and publish it on your channel.


Whether you want to create marketing videos, tutorials, or how-to training videos, an AI YouTube video maker can assist you in creating engaging content within a few clicks. These revolutionary AI video editing tools can help save a lot of time for content creators. The time and energy saved can be used to optimize your video for better performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Use My Own Images And Videos In An AI YouTube Video Maker?

Yes. Most AI-based video editors allow you to add your own images or videos either during the video creation and editing stage or after the video is generated.

Q2. Is It Safe To Use Third Party AI YouTube Video Maker?

Yes. Mostly the tools available online for generating AI YouTube videos are safe to use.

Q3.  Is There A Free Demo Available In Any AI Video Maker For YouTube Videos?

Yes. The majority of AI-based video-making apps offer a free trial or free AI videos for a limited duration.

Q4. Is There A Need To Use Special Software Or Equipment To Use AI YouTube Video Makers?

It depends on your choice of AI-based video-making tool. Usually, most AI YouTube video makers do not require any additional equipment or software to generate YT videos.