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What Is Playlist In YouTube?

Create and organize playlists on your YouTube channel

What is playlist in YouTube? Over time, YouTube has added more and more ways for creators to interact with their audiences and grow their channels in terms of views, likes, comments, and subscribers. Playlists are one such feature, which is nothing but a compilation of videos in a sequential format, making it easy for users to watch YouTube videos one after the other. Now that we’ve covered the basics of what a YouTube playlist is, this article will go into greater depth about how to make use of YouTube playlists. Let us understand the benefits of creating YouTube playlists.

What Is A Playlist On YouTube?

A YouTube playlist is a collection of videos from ‘watch later,’ ‘favorites,’ ‘liked videos,’ ‘history,’ and ‘playlists,’ etc. The YouTube library provides access to all of the channel sections at once.

YT playlists

The next video in the queue will automatically play when the current one ends. Like music playlists, YouTube playlists may be shuffled to keep things interesting. For convenience, each section also has its own subheading containing all the videos belonging to that segment. Moreover, playlists can be public, private, or unlisted playlists.

A single user or content creator on YouTube can add multiple playlists on their channels. A maximum of 5,000 playlists can be created to be managed in YouTube Studio. You can edit, manage, create, or delete playlists from YouTube Studio.

Why Creating YouTube Playlists Are Important?

Make the most of creating playlists on YouTube by understanding the relevance of adding videos to your playlist in this section.

Importance of creating yt playlists

  • Improves Viewership

Organizing videos in playlists can prove to be beneficial for your YouTube video marketing strategy. The user does not have to do anything when a video automatically plays. The action is taken automatically and allows you, as a creator, to captivate the user’s attention on your channel for longer.

This enhances the user’s experience as they do not have to look for another video. So, you need to curate playlists relevant to the previous video. For example, episodic videos on daily vlogs, cooking videos, fashion series, etc.

  • Boosts Engagement

Directing your target audience towards your popular videos through a playlist increases engagement on your channel. You may learn more about your audience by analyzing the videos queued on playlists, such as their preferred videos. Playlists can be arranged accordingly.

The more views and time spent on your channel your playlists generate, the more likely your videos will satisfy the search intent of your viewers.

  • Increases Watch-Time

One of the primary benefits of adding videos to playlists is that it improves the watch time. It’s a must-have for YouTube’s algorithm and YT SEO. YouTube’s suggested and recommended videos on the search engine results page (SERP) led to a significant increase in watch time.

Because it is also easier for people to watch videos back to back without interruption, they will stay on your channel for a longer period of time.

  • Improves Strategy

Constantly curating playlists on your channel helps you to raise the bar on playlist strategy. Multiple playlists can be made by first grouping together successful videos, popular videos, review videos, travel videos, vlogs, etc.

You may check statistics like the number of views, the number of likes, the number of new subscribers, the videos that are trending, and the average viewing time and duration of each of your videos.

You’ll experience increased viewership and engagement with your channel if you follow this method and provide your viewers with a wide range of content.

Now that you know why creating a YT playlist is essential for your channel’s success and growth, we will explain the best practices you must follow while organizing your playlists.

Best Practices To Follow For Playlists On YouTube

  1. Optimize keywords, tags, titles, and video descriptions for better search and discoverability.
  2. Compile your popular videos together to increase engagement and gain new subscribers.
  3. Ensure that the playlists are made public, allowing users to share the playlists with others.
  4. Organize playlists according to categories, themes, popularity, and trending topics.


This was all about what is playlist in YouTube. We hope this article has given you a clear understanding of the basics of YT playlists. You should consider making a YouTube playlist if you run a business or are a content provider. It can raise brand awareness, boost viewership, demonstrate your content’s worth, enrich the user experience, and make money on YouTube. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do YouTube Playlists Get Views?

If your viewer finds your playlist, opens it, and clicks on a video within it, it will be counted as a YT playlist view. But, if a user discovers an individual or random video and watches it, the view will be calculated for that single video, not the entire playlist. So, your videos must be seen through the playlist screen to get YT playlist views.

Q2. Can Subscribers See My Playlist?

Ensure the playlist is set to public in the settings so your subscribers can access it. The videos can then be easily shared by your audience. If you make your playlist public, it will be more visible in your subscribers’ feeds, recommendations, etc.

Q3. How Do I Boost My YouTube Playlists?

Displaying your popular and most watched videos first will compel viewers to watch more videos. It also increases the probability of gaining recurring and new subscribers and improves the channel’s discoverability on the platform.