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How To Make A YouTube End Screen?

Is it possible to make YT end screens for free?

YouTube end screens are displayed at the end while the video is about to finish, i.e., in the last few seconds of the video’s playtime. It is an excellent way to grab and retain the viewer’s attention to other elements of your channel. So, before we explain in detail what a YouTube end screen is and how to create an end screen for YouTube, let us quickly go over the steps on how to add end screen on YouTube? Follow these steps to add YouTube end screen to your existing videos:

  1. Sign in to your YT account
  2. Go to YouTube Studio
  3. From the dashboard, tap on the content
  4. Now, tap to edit the video
  5. Select the option of end screen from the far right bottom of the page
  6. Tap on the + icon and add an element
  7. Choose which element you would like to add- video, playlist, subscribe, link, channel
  8. Add the template and save the changes.

This was a quick overview of how to add end screen on YouTube. This guide is all you need to know about YouTube end screens and how to make the most of them with detailed step-by-step images. We will also take you through how to create end-screen templates.

How To Make An End Screen On YouTube?

These elements are displayed on top of the final few seconds of your videos. In this section, we will guide you u how to make a YouTube end screen from your own channel. You may add end-screen YouTube to your videos in YouTube Studio by following these simple steps:

  • From your YT account, go to YT studio
  • From the left side of the section, select content
  • Choose the pencil icon

Youtube end screen template

  • From the below options, select end screens

create yt end screen

  • Add elements. Here you will be presented with two options, select elements from the video itself or allow YT to choose the elements.
  • By choosing Preview in the top left corner, you can see how the finished screen will look before saving it.

make a YT end screen

  • Once done, click on save.

What Are The Guidelines To Create YouTube End Screen?

YT end screen template

  1. Standard size and HD aspect ratio resolutions are 1280 by 720 pixels and 1920 by 1080 pixels, respectively.
  2. To add an end screen to your YT video, the video must be at least 25 seconds long.
  3. The end screen length can be around 5-20 seconds.
  4. If your YouTube channel is specifically made for kids, then YouTube will not allow you to add an end screen.
  5. You must pay attention to the specific ratios of each element size:
  • The dimensions for the subscription are: 298 x298
  • The video and playlist are as follows: 615 x345
  • Link square: 294 x294

YouTube End Screen Templates

There are many free YT end screen makers you can try. You can take advantage of these sites to create amazing end screens for your videos. We will provide you with some options that you can try and create a new stunning design:

  1. Canva: With the help of a pre-built template or from scratch, create a customized end screen. You may add graphics, icons, stickers, and even animated effects.
  2. Adobe Spark: The website is easy to navigate and use, and there are various templates available that you can use to create YT end screen for your channel’s video.

It might take a lot of work to build custom themes like this for your YouTube end screen, especially if you’re not an expert editor. When you’re finished making your own YouTube end screen, all you have to do is download it and include it at the very end of your video on YouTube. Just be sure to remember to modify the parts based on your unique end screen before uploading the YouTube video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What Is A YouTube End Screen?

YouTube provides artists with end screens, sometimes known as video outros, as tools to encourage viewers to take action after watching their videos. Links to various videos or playlists, subscribe CTAs, links to authorized websites, and links to other channels can all be found on your end displays. Along with YT outros, you must also pay attention to channel description templates for maximum impact.

Q.2 Why Can’t I Add An End Screen YouTube?

End Screens are not permitted for videos marked as “Made for Kids.” So if your channel is made for kids, you cannot add end screen.

Q.3 How Long Should Your End Screen Be On YouTube?

It should be between 5-20 seconds.

Q.4 What Is YouTube Aspect Ratio?

YT’s aspect ratio is 16:9


That’s it! Here’s how to make a YouTube end screen. We hope you have understood the step-by-step guide on how to make a YouTube end screen. If you do not want to add end screens directly from the video, there are templates that you can use to create a high-quality end screen that looks professional and it is simple and easy to use. Also, find out the importance of the YT end screen and why you must use end screens. 

The final five to twenty seconds of your videos are played on end screens. To optimize the impact of your end screen cards, encourage people to connect with your channel further, and increase views and engagement, make sure the elements you decide to add create an impact on the viewers so that they are hooked on the content. So, choose the element wisely.