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How To See Dislikes On YouTube?

Here's how to check all the dislikes on YouTube!

YouTube dislikes can give you insight into a video as a viewer that no other metric can. So, it is evident that it is important to wonder how to see dislikes on YouTube. You want to know whether or not the video you’re watching is worth it. In this article, we’ll look at how to see dislikes on YT.

Dislikes were very similar to likes before. You could see the number of people that chose to dislike a video. But after YouTube changed its privacy policy and decided to give YouTubers more privacy, they hid the number of dislikes. Users can only see the number of likes a video has received, not the number of dislikes.

Let’s look at how to see dislikes on YouTube:

How To See YouTube Dislikes?dislikes-on-youtube

Just because YouTube has disabled YouTube dislikes doesn’t mean you cannot find other ways to see dislikes on YouTube. If you want to see YouTube dislikes, you will have to use YT on the browser and the Google Chrome browser, to be specific.

Google Chrome lets you add extensions to your browser. To view YouTube dislikes, you will need an extension. The extension we will need for YouTube dislikes is the ‘Return YouTube Dislike’ plug-in. The plug-in does what it says; it returns you the YouTube dislike feature.

Follow these steps to get started with the ‘Return YouTube Dislike’ plug-in:

  1. Open Google and search ‘Return YouTube Dislike.’return-youtube-dislike
  2. Select the link by Chrome. Google to get to the Chrome web store.return-youtube-dislike-link
  3. Click ‘Add to Chrome’ to add the extension to your browser.return-youtube-dislike-add-to-chrome
  4. On the pop-up, click ‘Add extension’ to confirm your action.return-youtube-dislike-add-extension
  5. Check the Extensions at the top right corner of the screen for the newly added extension.return-youtube-dislike-extension
  6. Now open a video, and you will see the number of dislikes.youtube-dislike

If you think the plug-in isn’t necessary later, you can permanently remove it from the extensions. Use this plug-in to see the likes/dislikes ratio on YouTube videos.

Why Is The YouTube Dislike Count Not Visible?

YouTube dislikes have disappeared and been discontinued from the platform. In January 2022, the YouTube CEO announced through a blog and acknowledged their decision to remove YouTube dislikes. The letter stated that dislikes are not an accurate way to judge a video or whether to watch it. This is why YouTube’s dislike count was never visible on the homepage, search results, or Up Next video screens.

Why Did YouTube Remove Dislikes?

As a video-sharing platform, YouTube wants every creator to express their views without harassment. YouTube wants to promote respectful conversations between the creators and viewers. But one of the significant reasons to remove the dislike count was to end the harassment and personal attacks, especially towards the small creators. The viewers targeted creators for personal gains, which was unfair to the creators.

The entire purpose of YouTube dislike is to be taken as an analytical feature to give an insight into what the viewers think about a particular topic. However, the functional purpose was defeated, and YouTube’s genuine intent lost validity over time.

So, if you are wondering how to see dislikes on YouTube, then you must know that the feature has been removed by the platform to safeguard the interests of the creators.

How To See YouTube Dislikes As A Creator?

The number of dislikes is visible in YouTube Studio. For each video, the creator can see likes and dislikes and see the performance of the video on other parameters like reach, engagement, audience, etc.

To see the like-to-dislike ratio, go to YouTube Studio and tap on content. On the far right, hover over the value, and the number of dislikes will be displayed.

How To See Dislikes On YouTube As A Viewer?

How to view dislikes on YouTube as a viewer? So, the direct answer to this question is that you cannot see YouTube dislikes for a video you did not create.

You must download and install the ‘Return YouTube Dislikes’ plug-in on your Chrome browser to see YouTube dislikes.  It is an online tool to check the number of dislikes, but it is not entirely accurate.


Wondering how to see dislikes on YouTube? Before YouTube removed the dislikes, the dislike number would be displayed beside the button, just like the like button. But now that the dislike number isn’t shown, users have found an alternative way.

Using the Google Chrome extension ‘Return YouTube Dislike,’ you can easily view dislikes on YouTube. Download and install the Chrome browser extension, and you can see your dislikes. You can remove the plug-in later if you don’t want it anymore.

If you’re a YouTuber, you will be happy to know that nothing has changed in the analytics, and you will still find your dislike count in YouTube studio.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Will YouTube Bring Back Dislikes?

It is doubtful that YouTube will reverse its decision because they are sure it will harm the creator community.

Q2. What’s The Most Disliked Video On YouTube?

The most disliked video on YouTube is uploaded by YouTube itself. It is called the YouTube Rewind 2018:Everyone Controls Rewind. It was uploaded on December 6,2018, featuring many celebrities and YouTubers. The dislike count on the video is 19.943 million.

Q3. How Important Is It To Know The Number Of Dislikes?

The most essential factor in knowing creators’ dislike counts is gauging how the content performs. To save time and effort while developing strategies, the feature encourages creators to focus on making exciting videos that viewers enjoy rather than content styles that people dislike.

Q4. Are There Third-Party Tools To See Dislikes, And What Positive Steps Can One Take To Optimize YouTube Videos Within Terms Of Service?

Some third-party tools, such as Return YouTube Dislike, give you access to find the ratio of likes to dislikes. In terms of services to optimize your YouTube videos, improve their reach, and gain likes and views, you can buy YouTube views from authentic and known YouTube marketing services agencies that offer actual results.