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What Are Impressions On YouTube?

These are the things you should know about as a YouTuber!

Is your question, what are impressions on YouTube? Well, they are a very important part of a YouTuber’s journey! Today we’ll see what are YT impressions and how to check your YT impression.

As a YouTuber, metrics matter to you. While you can see your likes and follows climbing and dropping, you should know the reason behind their behavior. When you learn to draw patterns from these numbers, you will have your audience figured out. Impressions are a very important metric that gives you great insight into the kind of audience you’re attracting.

So today, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about impressions starting with what are impressions on YouTube.

What Does Impressions Mean On YouTube?

YT impressions are not exactly the same as views.views-vs-impressions Impressions indicate the number of times a thumbnail has been seen by people. Then, whether the audience clicks on the thumbnail or just moves past it is not recorded by impressions.

You must be thinking, ‘What’s the point of impressions then if they don’t tell us about the views?’ The point is that impressions make it easier for you to calculate the difference between how many people came across your video and how many clicked. If people are seeing your thumbnail and not clicking something about your thumbnail might not be working. When there is a huge difference between impressions and views, you know it is time to change the thumbnail.

So now that you know what impressions you have on YouTube, let’s see where to find your YT impressions.

Where Can You Find Your Impressions In YouTube Studio?

YouTube studio is where all the metrics and analytics are, so that’s the place you want to go to in order to find your impression on YouTube. Here are the steps to find YouTube impressions:

  1. Open YouTube Studio and select Analytics in the left sidebar.
  2. Click on ‘See more’ to open the detailed analytics.youtube-studio-analytics
  3. In the top right corner, select the dates you want to see the impressions of.
  4. At the bottom half of the page, you will see Impressions in table format.youtube-studio-analytics-impressions

You can analyze your impressions and see the click-through rate too. These metrics will help you figure out where you are going wrong with your YouTube channel and what needs to be improved.

What Counts As An Impression?

Let us talk about what exactly counts as a YouTube impression. Impressions on YouTube are calculated whenever a video thumbnail remains visible on a user’s screen for more than one second, i.e., it must be visible and cover at least 50% of the screen. But these impressions will only appear in particular YouTube locations, according to YouTube.

The impressions are counted and considered on the following platforms. For example, Android and iPhone smartphones, TVs, YouTube playlists and recommendations, YT homepage and search page, etc.

Are Impressions The Same As Views On YouTube?

If you’re stuck on this question, you haven’t clearly understood what is a youtube impression. A YouTube impression is just the view of the thumbnail and not of the video, whereas a YouTube view is a view of the contents of the YouTube video. Your impressions are always more than your views, as many people might see your YT thumbnail while scrolling through the platform, but not all of them will click and watch your video.

How To Get More Impressions On YouTube?

As you are aware of what impressions mean on YouTube, let us now focus on discussing ways to increase YouTube impressions.

Eye Catching Thumbnails

Design compelling thumbnails that pique viewers’ interest, which grabs their attention and encourages them to click on the videos and watch them. Your video’s click-through rate will increase if the thumbnail is attractive.

Include Appropriate Tags, Titles, and Keywords

YouTube understands video context via tags. Tag the content appropriately. Add trending and relevant specialized tags to the metadata. Use keywords in video names to boost searchability. Use specific keywords to attract people looking for similar content. Add information and keywords to your video description to boost visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are YouTube Impressions?

Views on your thumbnails are impressions on YT.

Q2. What Does The Impressions Click-Through Rate Mean On YT?

Impressions CTR shows you how many of your impressions are into views.

Q3. How To Get More Impressions On YouTube?

  1. Make creative thumbnails
  2. Use trending keywords
  3. Write excellent titles
  4. Write relatable descriptions
  5. Post at the right time

Q4. What Is Considered To Be A High And A Low YouTube Video Impressions Click-Through Rate?

Less than 5% CTR is considered low, whereas more than 5% is considered high for impressions on YT.


Are you a new YouTuber wondering what are impressions on YouTube? Well, we hope your query is solved in the article.

Just to give you a quick recap, impressions are views your videos get on the thumbnail. They are not the same as YouTube views. You can see your YouTube impressions in the analytics bar in YouTube Studios. Improve your impressions, and soon you will get monetized on YouTube!