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Me At The Zoo: First YouTube Video (Co-founder Jawed Karim)

Where is me at the zoo guy now? Who is the first YouTuber?

Did you know that me at the zoo was the first video uploaded on YouTube? Javed Karim is responsible for getting the video on the now huge social media giant! Over the years, the video became viral and received lots of love and appreciation from many people! But, because of the YouTube rolling out new features such as Autoplay and hiding the dislikes. So without any further delay, let’s see what happened with me at the zoo video!

When Did Me At The Zoo Release?

Me at the Zoo
YouTube First Video

Co-founder Jawed Karim took the responsibility to upload the video on April 23,2005.

The protest was led by Karim, who stated himself that the new feature was not valid. Even though the video is YouTube’s first video, we can still see some commotion related to the same! There have been many chances where the people at YouTube also pinpointed some of the unwanted changes.

Are Dislikes Back On YouTube?

Me At the Zoo
YouTube’s first video

Unfortunately, the dislikes are not back on the platform. YouTube made it a point to take care of their YouTubers by making the dislikes private. This step was enforced to take care of the growing harassment faced by YouTubers! Not to forget, the first YouTube video is also included in the same! As for now, there is no update to YouTube dislike count.

Who Is The Person From Me At The Zoo?

Jawed Karim is the famous face behind the zoo video that went viral! The video is of 18 seconds merely, but has vast views!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Me At The Zoo Guy Now?

The owner of Me At The Zoo is now at the University of Toledo as an environmental engineering professor! 

Who Is The First YouTuber?

Javed Karim is the first YouTuber

What’s The Oldest Video On YouTube?
Me At The Zoo is the oldest video out there!