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Top 6 YouTube Rank Trackers To Track Your YouTube Ranking

Use these YouTube rank checker tools to improve channel rankings!

Being a YouTuber, are you looking for some tools to track your channel’s rankings? Then, you must look for a YouTube rank tracker. These YouTube rank-tracking tools are handy for understanding how your channel is doing, which video brings the most engagement, and many other useful insights.

So, what exactly is a YouTube rank tracker, and why should you use it? Through this blog, dig deep into understanding its purpose and some of the best rank checker tools you can use for your YouTube channel.

Why Do You Need A YouTube Rank Tracker?

For all YouTubers, the main goal is to rank highest on the search results page. They want their video to be in the topmost spot. With excellent quality content and the proper SEO practices, this is not a farfetched dream. However, to nail this, you need to have an insightful YouTube video rank checker tool. These tools give creators detailed SEO analytics that make their job easy. You can improve your keyword research game, see what competitors are benefitting from, and keep a tap on all your channel metrics.

Top Websites To Check Video Ranking

These are the top YT rank checkers available online. These websites are the ones you can rely on:


Our top pick is GeoRanker, which has the most diverse offerings. With over 30 filters, this is the most advanced YouTube rank checker. Users can check their national as well as international rankings through this tool. It has a selection of SERP and other analytical tools that can help you filter out target keywords in multiple languages.

When looking for a YouTube rank checker online, this is the most cost-effective tool that gives you control to analyze competitor backlinks, manage multiple YouTube accounts, and more.

Rank RangerYT channel rank checker

Another YouTube video rank checker that has a user-friendly dashboard is Rank Ranger. Many users found this tool comparatively easy to use.  As a YouTuber, if you want to check your ranking against your competitors, this tool allows you to do this locally and internationally. From understanding how many clicks your competitors get on specific videos to viewing market reach, landing page performance, and more, this YouTube rank tracker can help you with everything.

This tool allows users to turn on email alerts for new rankings and much more. This tool also provides metrics in graphs and lets you check your PPC performance.

TubeBuddyyoutube channel rank checker

To help check rank on YouTube, if you’re looking for a browser extension, TubeBuddy is a great pick! TubeBuddy is a Chrome and Safari extension that offers multiple tools for video optimization, including keyword research, YouTube rank tracker, and plenty of others. If you wish to keep track of your channel performance or run an analysis on your competitors, then this tool has loads of features that can help you with it. For many creators, this browser extension has optimized their YouTube channel performance since they get better insights to work on.

VidIQyoutube keyword ranker

VidIQ is another YouTube video rank checker that has optimized videos for many YouTubers. This tool offers a comprehensive set of analytics from keyword research to hunting for best-performing videos in a particular geographic location; you can access it all. This tool has also introduced an AI coach that guides you in improving your performance on YouTube. Along with the YouTube rank tracker, it also offers other features like running channel audits and competitor analysis.

Initially, you can use this tool for free; however, to access all its features, you can start with its Basic plan, which starts at $5 a month.

Semrush Video Rank Trackeryoutube video rank tracking tool

Another top-rated choice among most users is Semrush Video Rank Tracker. This tool is a reliable choice for many and has key features like tracking YouTube video rankings, monitoring new or best-performing keywords, and many more. You can get weekly updates like checking the rank on YouTube and determining the pairing of videos and keywords to rank better.  Through this tool, you can closely work on maintaining your position on YouTube and avoid drops in ranking.

Semrush Video Rank Tracker has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for YouTubers with multiple accounts to check on different channel analytics simultaneously. This YouTube rank checker has a free trial, followed by a monthly subscription plan of $19.


AccuRanker is regarded as the world’s fastest YouTube rank tracker and has won several awards for being one of the most competent analytical tools for YouTubers. It offers an extensive suite of features like finding high-volume keywords, understanding channel analytics, and more. It has multiple filter segments and API filters to set and run a research query according to your choice. You can improve your channel’s SEO using this tool, from competitor analysis to easy keyword research.

This tool has various metrics that you can filter to analyze the data you want. AccuRanker is a YouTube rank checker used by many SEO experts, organizations, and creators to maintain and improve their rankings on the web.


Having a YouTube rank tracker is highly essential if you want to improve your channel analytics on YouTube. With growing competition, you need to have a deeper understanding of metrics that help you do better on YouTube. Using any of the above-listed YouTube rank checker tools, you can improve keyword research and competitor analysis and create content that works best among your audiences and demographics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I check my YouTube rank?

To check your ranking on YouTube, you can use any of the tools available online that help with checking your channels and video rankings.

2. What is YouTube rank tracker tool?

The YouTube rank tracker tool will help YouTubers show all rankings for the video of the relevant keyword.

3. How do you rank No.1 on YouTube?

To rank higher on YouTube SERPs, you must post content that is relevant and unique. YouTubers must consistently post content and create content that their audiences like.