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What Is Live Redirect On YouTube?

Use the amazing Live redirect feature on YouTube to get more viewers during livestreaming.

YouTube has introduced its all-new Live redirect feature to improve its user experience. Live streaming is increasingly becoming popular among content creators to interact and establish a more personal connection with their loyal fan base. If you are wondering what exactly is this new YouTube redirect feature and how to use it to your advantage, you will find your answers in this detailed article.

What Is YouTube Live Redirect?

YouTube Live redirect feature

The YouTube redirect feature allows live streamers to seamlessly redirect their fans to another channel’s live stream or Premiere. It encourages collaborative efforts among YouTubers and builds excitement among the fans for an upcoming premiere. Thanks to this YouTube live redirect feature, viewers and die-hard fans can spontaneously discover new creators and show their appreciation. As soon as your live stream ends, the YT autoplay feature will redirect your audience to the live stream or premiere of another creator of your choice, thus helping each other grow.

Live Redirect YouTube Requirements

This feature is available only for creators who have more than 1000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, and there are no active community guideline strikes. If your channel falls under this eligibility criteria, you can go ahead and use the live redirect feature.

But before you send your viewers to another creator’s live stream, you must have the necessary permissions from that creator’s channel. Similarly, you have to approve permissions from YouTube Studio before other channels can send their audience to your stream or premiere.

Let’s now see the steps to set up a YouTube live redirect in YouTube Studio.

How To Set Up Live Redirect On YouTube?

There are two ways in which you can use this exciting new feature of YT live redirect.

Redirect Live Stream Viewers On YouTube

1. Login to YouTube Studio and create a Live stream.

2. Click on ‘Edit‘ and select ‘Customization

3. Under the ‘Redirect‘ tab, click on ‘Add

4. Choose a specific premiere or search for another creator’s live stream

5. As soon as your live stream ends, you will see a confirmation saying your viewers will be redirected.

Redirect Your Premiere Viewers on YouTube

1. Visit ‘YouTube Studio‘ and log in with your credentials.

2. Click ‘Videos‘ on the left side.

3. Under ‘Where to redirect viewers’, click ‘Select.

4. Choose another premiere or another live stream.

Your viewers will be redirected to the designated live stream of another creator as soon as your premiere ends. You can also choose whether to display a live chat replay alongside your video after your live stream has ended for your fans to view the conversation.

Permission For Creators Who Can Redirect To You

Just as you require permission from other creators before redirecting your users through their YT Studio, you also have to grant necessary permissions to other creators before they can successfully redirect their audience to your premiere. The steps on how to modify who can redirect to you are elaborated below:

1. Go to YouTube Studio and log in with your credentials.

2. Click on the ‘Settings‘ icon at the bottom left.

Go to YouTube studio & click Settings

3. Click on Community.

4. Under the ‘Automated Filters‘ tab, scroll down till you find ‘Live redirect.

Click community

5. Select the appropriate permission settings for YouTube live redirect purposes and click on ‘Save‘ once done.

Go to live redirects

There are 3 types of permission settings that you can use to redirect viewers.

  • Channels I subscribe to can redirect to my content:
    This is the default setting where the channels you have subscribed to can redirect their live streams to you.
  • All Channels can redirect to my content:
    All creators are granted permission to redirect to your content after you select this option.
  • Specific Channels can only redirect to my content:
    Through this setting, you can manually approve up to 100 channels in the textbox, which can redirect to your content.


Live streaming is a unique way to engage with your audience more closely and build your brand value. Currently, you can redirect your viewers only to channels that permit you by giving the necessary permissions. However, if your viewers have turned off autoplay, your viewers won’t be sent to other channel’s live stream automatically. Since you now know how to set up the YouTube redirect feature, execute the steps highlighted in this article and scale your personal brand presence in different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where Can I Set Up YouTube Live Redirect?

You can set up a Live redirect feature in YouTube Studio for scheduled live streams or in the Live control room when your live stream ends.

Q2. What Is The Difference Between Live Stream And Premiere Videos?

A premiere YT video allows you to watch the video with your audience in real-time. They are videos scheduled to play at a specific time with a live chat option. A live stream is a live video that enables content creators to interact with their audience in real-time via a video and chat.

Q3. What I Cannot Stream On YouTube Live?

While going on a live stream on YouTube, you must adhere to YouTube’s community guidelines and terms of service. Violating these may result in a strike on your YouTube channel, and you may be barred from going live for 14 days.

Q4. What Is The Goal Of YouTube Live Redirect?

YouTube is constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance user video-viewing experience and help the vast number of content creators grow their brands using various strategies. YT live redirect feature helps creators to collaborate with each other and drive viewers to their channels.

Q5. How Much YouTube Pays You For 1000 Views? (2024)

YouTube pays around $0 to 4 for every 1000 views on your YouTube videos. If you are a new YouTuber who is having a hard time meeting the monetization threshold, consider buying YouTube views.