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19 YouTube Statistics You Need To Know In 2023

See how YouTube is doing this year!

We all know that YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform. But are we aware of all the YouTube Statistics that can help new YouTubers along their journey? See your own YouTube channel statistics too. When an algorithm runs a platform, knowing all the statistics is essential.

In this article, let’s learn some YouTube Statistics:

Top YouTube Statistics of the Yeartop-yt-statistics

Let’s look at the top YouTube Statistics in 2023:

YouTube User Statistics

Here are some YouTube user stats:yt-user-statistics

  • YouTube is being visited by 2.6 billion users every month.
  • 53.9% of the audience on YouTube is male.
  • 62% of Americans access YouTube daily.
  • People in their mid-20s spend more time on YouTube.
  • 63% of YouTube users use the YouTube app on their phones.
  • YouTube Shorts are getting 30 billion views per day.

YouTube Music Statistics

Here are some YouTube music stats:yt-music-statistics

  • Despacito by Luis Fonsi is the most viewed music video with 7.9 billion views.
  • BLACKPINK is the most subscribed Artist on YouTube, with 75.4 million subscribers.
  • BTS is on top of the list of 24 hours music debuts with their music video for Butter at 108.2 views.
  • Adele’s Hello reached 1 billion views in 88 days, becoming the fastest video to reach a billion.

YouTube Ad Statistics

Here are some YouTube ad stats:yt-ad-statistics

  • India is the largest target for ads on YouTube, with 467 million users.
  • 54% of consumers enjoy watching brand content on YouTube this includes creative ads from their favorite brands.
  • YouTube ads are showing a 14% year-over-year increase.

Other YouTube Statistics

Here are some general YouTube stats:

  • YouTube shorts is the most trending thing this year.
  • YouTube is the most popular search term on Google.
  • BTS is the most popular searched term on YouTube.
  • PewDiePie is the most famous gamer on YouTube.
  • There are 37 million channels on YouTube.
  • Jawed Karim was the first ever YouTuber along with being the founder of YouTube.


1. What Is The Most Subscribed Channel On YouTube?

T Series is the most subscribed channel on YouTube as of 2023.

2. What Is The Most Viewed Video On YouTube?

Baby Shark is the most viewed video on YouTube, with over 10 billion viewers.

3. Where Is YouTube Ranked On Global Engagement?

95% of the population of the Netherlands is active on YouTube, so currently, the Netherlands ranks at the top.

4. What Is The Male To Female Ratio Of YouTube Viewers?

11:9 is the male-to-female ratio of YouTube viewers.

5. How Many Times Has YouTube Been Downloaded?

YouTube has been downloaded on the Google Play Store over 10 billion times.


YouTube has been a market leader for video-sharing platforms for a long time. No matter how many new platforms come into the competition, YouTube will always be at the top of them all. With YouTube now adding new types of video features like YouTube shorts, they are becoming more and more popular among the younger generation.

Hopefully, this article gave you all the YouTube statistics you need to know about! Want to run a YouTube analysis? See which is the best tool!