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What Are YouTube Premiere and How to Use them?

Everything you need to know about the YT premiere. And how it can affect your channel

Are you curious to know what YouTube Premiere is? And how to create one for your channel? Then, keep reading the blog to find out everything you need to know about how to premiere a video on YouTube.

In this new age of a digitized world, content creators are evolving, and so is YouTube. As a result, YouTube has come up with a unique feature of YT instant premiere. It is YT’s attempt to create something exciting for content creators to enable curiosity in the audience. Also, before publishing the video, ensure that you focus on the outro as well as the YT end screen. 

What Is YouTube Premiere?

premiere on youtube

YouTube Premieres are a mix of regular YouTube videos and live streams. It allows you and your viewers to watch a new video together in real time. Like a typical YouTube video, you pre-record your YT premiere video. Then you play the recording live, like a live stream, with a live chat and live donations. It’s basically a TV show on YouTube with a preset airing time and no more spoilers.

What Makes YouTube Instant Premiere Important?

YT premiere is essential for your channel in the following ways:

  • It acts as an announcement for your new video.
  • Second, it creates curiosity among your subscribers for the video even before it is published.
  • Third, the creator can interact and chat with the audience live and get feedback for the video.
  • It allows the creator to collect live donations from the subscribers, thus opening a whole new avenue of revenue generation for content creators.
  • Finally, YouTubers can watch the video live with the audience in real time.
  • After the premiere ends, the video can be viewed commonly, just like any other video on the channel.
  • In addition, YouTubers can check the performance of the video in YT analytics to judge if the video performed well.

How To Premiere A Video On Youtube?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to learn how to premiere a video on YouTube:

  • First, open YouTube on the browser.
  • Tap on the profile picture and go to YT studio

how to create premiere video on Yt

  • From the right side of the page, tap on Create. Select Upload Video

YT premiere

  • A pop-up window will appear. Click on Select videos

instant premiere

  • Select the file and tap on open
  • Complete all the instructions shown on the screen.
  • On the Visibility tab, choose the option of Instant premiere.

instant YT premiere

  • In this option, the premiere will start as soon as the video finishes processing.

youtube instant premiere

  • Or you can choose the option to Schedule the video and set a countdown for the premiere to create more engagement.

youtube premiere

  • If you Schedule the video, you will get a notification on the screen. Tap on Close.

premiere on youtube

These are the steps to premiere a YT video.


This is how to premiere on YouTube. In the blog, we have covered all the steps to upload a video on YouTube Premiere. However, YT will review the video for any community guidelines violations and notify you. Or even you can report the video if you think something is wrong in the video. For example, if you find something offensive about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Difference Between Premiere And Live On YouTube?

A YT premiere video can be pre-recorded before and later can be scheduled for publishing. Whereas a live video will take you in front of the subscribers completely live without any prerecording.

Q2. Is It Good To Premiere On YouTube?

Yes, it can be a good change and will create anticipation for your video and might attract more audience. It is a way of promoting the video, like a television episode. As a creator, you will also get a chance to interact with the audience in real-time.

Q3. Do Scheduled Videos Get Less Views?

No, scheduled videos do not affect views. It is the opposite, in fact. It can increase the user engagement rate on your video because of the curiosity you can build around it.

Q.4 How does a YouTube Premiere work?

A YouTuber can upload the video at a pre-decided time and date, and the subscribers know it beforehand. You can skip through the commercials and stay away from spoilers. Creating a YT premiere for your channel can benefit from it.