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YouTube Video Not Processing? Know How To Fix It

Want to know how to solve the problem of video not uploading?

Finding it difficult to load your video after uploading? Have trouble getting your uploaded video running? YouTube can be a little overbearing sometimes. The YouTube video not processing error, can be a task sometimes. You might get stuck in the final stages while the video is getting uploaded.

Here are some tips and tricks to follow to smooth your video uploading. Follow these steps to resolve the issue of your YouTube video not processing and effectively managing videos on your YouTube channel.

Steps On How To Fix YouTube Video Not Processing

Here are some ways through which you can fix your YouTube video not uploading.

1. Refresh The Page

Refreshing your page might just solve your problem. Sometimes, the page you’re processing your video on might get stuck because of a poor internet connection. So simply hit the refresh button to solve the issue.

Just right-click, and refresh the page to check whether your YouTube video is actually loading. This will help you to gauge what the actual issue is.

2. Opening A New Tab

This is more like a quick fix than a solution. Opening a new tab on YouTube helps your video process faster. You just have to simply go to YouTube, My Channel, and then “Video Manager” while your video is still uploading.

To load your video faster, close the old one. You’ll see that the video is processing faster on the new page.

3. Working On Browser

Uploading a video using YouTube on a browser is very helpful. YouTube mainly performs best with a few selected browsers. One of them is Chrome; it is the best browser for uploading a video or processing a YouTube video. Try uploading your video through Chrome and check if it’s uploading.

4. Clearing Cache To Solve YouTube Video Not Uploading

If your video gets stuck in processing, it might be because of too many uncleared caches. Before clearing your cookies and caches, save your video’s description and tags. Now follow these steps to delete whatever is not needed.

  1. Click on the three dots on the navigation bar of your browser.
  2. A navigation menu will pop up. First, click on the More Tools option on this menu. Then, hover your cursor on this option so that another menu appears.
  3. In that menu, click on the Clear browsing data option. You are directed to a popup to clear your existing browsing data. YouTube video not uploading
  4. In the Clear browsing data popup, you’ll see the Time Range dropdown box. Click on it.
  5. You’ll get to select the time range of the browsing data you want to clear. You must select “All Time” if you want to delete your entire browsing data.YT video not loading
  6. Then select the options you want to clear and hit Clear Data.

For macOS users:

  • Go to Safari’s Menu Bar and click on preferences.
  • Now select Advanced from the topmost panel, and check Show Develop menu in the menu bar.
  • Next, go to Develop and click Empty Caches.
  • If you want to clear cookies and history, go to Safari and click on Clear history.

5. Converting Your Video To MP4

YouTubers should know that MP4 is the best format to upload and process videos on YT. So if you’re facing issues with your video not uploading, try converting the video to MP4. You can find loads of converter websites online that convert your video for free.

You can convert your video to the desired format in a few seconds without compromising quality. Once done, upload it and check once again if it gets loaded faster.

6. Sending Feedback

When your YouTube video is not uploading, one of the last resorts you can do is send feedback to YouTube. Since the platform is widely used by many users globally, the traffic on it can be heavy. Often, uploaders can get stuck with technical errors that are not on their end.

Go to My Channel, and click on ‘Send Feedback.’ Write in the description about the problem you’re facing. Send it to the support team and make them aware of the issue.

They will notify you why the processing has failed. Or your video will start processing if it hasn’t violated any copyrights.

7. Deleting and Uploading Again

Reuploading a video after deleting it can also solve your issue. Do this only if your video is stuck in the processing window for more than 8 hours. For many, this has worked as the video gets successfully processed in the second go.

Why Won’t My YouTube Video Upload?

These are some of the frequently faced errors while uploading videos that the community of YouTubers faces:

  • ‘Processing has started’ alert message by YouTube.
  • Stuck with error messages of ‘Processing Abandoned. The Video Failed to Upload or Could Not be Processed’.
  • Jammed at particular processing percentages for a long time.
  • Facing video playing problems, like video running on low quality and not changing into higher resolutions.
  • The video is getting frozen.
  • The video and audio are out of sync. It crashes easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Does YouTube Processing Take?

This entirely depends on the size of the video and the traffic while uploading the video. If the size of your video is comparatively big, then gradually, it will take more time to process.

But if you’re still curious about the average time it takes, go by this calculation. Every minute of the video takes a minute to process.

Q2. Why Is My Video Taking So Long To Process?

This might happen because you’re stuck in YouTube upload traffic. YouTube may be processing loads of videos at that moment, and yours might be one of them. Other reasons, like the huge video size or complex format, might be the root of the cause.

Q3. Why Is My Youtube Video Not Processing?

These are the few primary reasons why your YouTube Video is not uploading:

  • You might be uploading during peak hours.
  • Low upload speed. It should be more than 5 Mbps, or it would be too slow to load.

Q4. What Is The Best Time To Upload?

The best time to upload on YouTube is between 2-4 pm EST on weekdays. On weekends the best time to upload is between 9-11 am EST. You can follow these time frames to upload your videos faster.


So if you’re stuck with the issue of your YouTube video not processing, following these steps might lead you to the solution. Often YouTubers face such technical problems, so using this guide, you can try multiple ways to fix the problem.