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How To Get Rights To Use A Song on YouTube/Instagram (Updated 2024)

How To Get Permission To Use A Song? How to Get Permission to Use a Song in a Short Film?

Are your ears in sync with a good track, and you wonder how to get rights to use a song? There can be many reasons for using a song. They can vary from commercial use to educational elements! But before you use their songs, you need to get a few things straight such as copyright issues! YouTube’s laws are pretty strict in maintaining the rules and policies to exploit none of their creators. These steps work as a barrier between impersonating someone’s hard work as theirs along with creating a stable atmosphere on the net! So without any further delay, let us take a sneak peek into how to get rights to use a song!

Steps On How To Get Rights To Use A Song

While you may wonder how you get rights to use a song, the approach is simple. As far as the copyright section is concerned, you must contact the original author or have legal permission.

There are actually two kinds of licensing when you think about music. Take a look at them below! You can also use this to get permission to use a song on Instagram too!

  • Musical composition
  • Sound recording

how to get rights to use a song

When you talk about the synchronization license, you can use the music in an audio visual work! If you want to record a cover license of a particular song, you can actually make use of it! We hope that we are slowly clearing out how to get rights to use a song in a video!

How Much Does It Cost To Get Permission To Use A Song?

Before we talk about the cost, let’s get you straight with the meaning of licensing. The term is nothing but an amount you will pay to the original creator for using their content. You can actually avail of the license from $50-$150!

get rights to use a song on Instagram

But there are ways that you can actually get to know how most YouTubers use copyrighted music! There is something called YouTube music royalty that does the licensing work for you. All they do is get in touch with your artist, buy the music and hand over the same to you at a comparatively lower price! Sweet, isn’t it.

How Much Of A Song Can You Use Without Copyright?

Well, this may get a little tricky. We hope that you must have heard about the fair use policy. This basically means that you can actually use the first 30 seconds of copyrighted music without any issues!

How To Buy Music Rights For YouTube?

rights to use a song

You can actually make the above-stated statement in a pretty sorted manner. All you need to do is follow our lead as we guide you to the perfect solution!

Figure out whether the song is copyrighted or can be used for free.

A famous song can be copyrighted, but there are some exceptions, take a look!

  • You can use the music after 70 years of the author’s death
  • 120 years after the creation of the masterpiece
  • 95 years after the publication

Contact the owner and have a one-on-one for the content’s use intention.

This step might get hectic, but it is what it is.

how to get rights to use a song

Negotiate to the limit where the owner won’t suffer any losses.

We know you want the music, but they created it first. Stay respectful to them and fix a proper price.

Sign the documents.

This will state that the rights have been successfully transferred! We hope that the steps on how do you get rights to use a song are now clear!

Can You Use Copyrighted Music On YouTube If You Don’t Monetize?

The monetization does not matter. The only thing which holds importance is that you have the permission to use content from the author.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How do I get the rights to use a song in a video?

You can contact the owner directly to get their permission. Other than that, you can try contacting the companies that provide licensed music at an affordable price.

Q2. Do you need permission to use a song?

Yes! It is also advisable that you take due permission of the artist before you use their song. This rule is not applicable if you are just using the 10 seconds of the video

Q3. Can you go to jail for copyright on YouTube?

You won’t go to jail, but you can get strike on your channel. When you exceed more than 3 strikes, your channel is taken down.


With all the information served for you, at your convenience, we hope that how to get rights to use a song is now clear! For more information on copyrights, be sure to check about YouTube Royalty music too!