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What Is YouTube Content License? Manage Copyright Permission

What license are YouTube videos under? Can I use videos with standard YouTube license?

Have you ever wondered about what is youtube content license? Understanding the working of youtube can make your nights worn out, but it is easy to understand. The content license is basically of two kinds, and we will be covering both of them( we believe in equality). So without wasting any more time, let’s get on board!

Steps On How To Change Your YouTube Content License?

Suppose you made a video, and now you want to play around with the licensing work of the video. How will you do it? To help you out on this, we are here with open and shut steps. Follow our lead!

  1. Open YouTube on your web browser.
  2. Log in to your famous or To be favorite account


3 Head over to the creator studio

4 Select the video manager

5 Once all of your videos are insight, tap on the video you want to edit


6  Step on the advanced settings

7  Catwalk your way to the “license and rights ownership” option.


8 Change the settings from standard YouTube license to creative commons


9 Save your changes.


The steps are a piece of cake, right?! If it’s your first time using YouTube, and you are trying to experiment with different areas, shifting your video from standard to Creative license is just what you need! 

What Is The Difference Between A Standard License And YouTube Creative License?

source :- https://youtubedownload.minitool.com/youtube/standard-youtube-license.html

The YouTube content license agreement has two major parts- the standard license and the creative commons license.

The standard license is nothing but an allowance that you give to YouTube to take over your content. It’s like a safety guard, and when you have opted for this option, no one can use your content without your permission. Pretty much CS-Go vibes.

YouTube creative commons is the second type of video licensing where you can give permission to fellow YouTubers to use the content of your video with your due permission. Accessing YouTube content license was never this easy!

Can you apply for a YouTube content license when you own Getty license?

Getty- images

Another question that must be arriving in the brain’s train station must be “can I apply for YouTube content I’d if I own Getty license” Like you, Getty Images is a professional brand, so using their content can be a little bit tricky. But there is no need to worry as the brand also offers royalty-free licenses where you can easily use their photos videos under the standard license area.

The images in the standard royalty-free license just include a tiny miny pay for the initial download. After that, you can flaunt these images anywhere.

What Is The YouTube Content License Agreement?


The content license of YouTube is basically a contract between the two parties, mainly known as the licensor, who is the content owner, and the licensee, the person who wants to use the content.

It is a rule, which has to be followed by hook or crook, and if there is any sense of trickery, the account may be banned for good.

Tip For Content Creators

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Frequently asked questions

How Do You License Content On YouTube?

You just need to log into your account, click on the creator studio and click on the edit video underneath the advanced tab. The steps are duly portrayed in the above paragraphs.

What license are YouTube videos under?

The videos on youtube come under two categories –

  • Standard YouTube license
  • Creative commons

Do you need a license to make YouTube videos?

Before starting off to make your video, you must make sure that all the content and the ideas are inclusive of the rights owned by you or the respective owner.

How to avoid copyright on YouTube?

Straight-forward answer. Take permission for the video content and use the soundtrack with copyright-free music.

Do you need permission to cover a song on YouTube?

You can easily make cover videos on the songs by opting for a mechanical license.

How can I monetize creative commons videos on YouTube?

The creative commons content can be easily monetized if the license agreement grants you permission to use it commercially.


We hope we have cleared all your doubts on YouTube content license. You can also check out our other blogs, such as what does highlighted comments mean on YouTube. We will catch you soon again!