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How To Make A YouTube Reaction Video?

Here's a detailed guide about how to make reaction videos on YouTube and why should you make them.

Being a YouTuber, if you haven’t yet tried reaction videos, you are missing out on a crucial opportunity to connect with your target audience. Reaction videos are extremely simple to make and quite helpful in attracting viewers to your YouTube channel. In this article, we will guide you through the exact steps of how to make a reaction video on YouTube.

No matter what content you react to, this guide will give you a new perspective! Though making engaging videos is important to hook viewers, if you promote video on YouTube, then the reach and visibility aspect will be taken care of!

What Is A Reaction Video?

A YouTube reaction video is an engaging and entertaining video where the YouTuber is recorded reacting to something. Typically, content creators react to everything from TV episodes, old music videos, Vlogs, and content from other creators. It often consists of a shot of the person’s face reflecting his reaction on one side of the video, and the original video being reacted to is present on the other side. The viewer watches the reaction and the original video simultaneously.

How To Make Reaction Videos On YouTube?

How to make reaction videos

There are two major ways to create a reaction video on YouTube.

  • Record yourself reacting to the original video and later edit the video in a video editor.
  • Record yourself watching the original video and screen record at the same time using video editing tools.

Follow the steps below to create a YouTube reaction video by recording your reaction and your video at the same time using video editing tools. The specific tasks may vary, but the general steps remain the same.

1. Set up the external or desktop camera for recording purposes and find the YouTube video on which you want to react.

2. Enable the microphone and camera and then share your screen.

3. Select the tab that has the video and ensure the checkbox “Record tab audio” is selected.

4. Now start recording. It helps to record your reaction and the original video at the same time.

5. Once done, save your video, and start editing your reaction video. Customize the layouts and background effects and make any additional edits if required.

You must edit the video accurately to make a sleek and snappy YouTube reaction video that keeps your audience entertained.

Why Make A YouTube Reaction Video?

There are different purposes for creating a reaction video on YouTube. Sometimes, these videos offer a different perspective on the thing being reacted to. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should make YouTube reaction videos.

1. These videos are easy and simple to make.

2. They don’t require much time and effort yet are effective in attracting traffic to your channel.

3. Reaction videos help to popularize your content by leveraging the existing trend.

4. There’s a wide range of subjects or topics to create entertaining reaction videos that put your brand at the center of YT trends.


This was all about the nuances of how to make a reaction video on YouTube. You must edit the video keeping the viewer’s perspective in mind. Don’t underestimate the power of reaction videos since you never know which one could take off and garner extreme popularity for your channel. Kickstart your efforts to make a series of reaction videos and grow your audience on YouTube. You can also use the top YouTube keyword research tools to discover ideas for your YouTube videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Make A Reaction Video Without Copyright Claims?

You cannot make a YouTube reaction video without using some other content. Hence, it is a good practice to reach out to other creators and ask for explicit permission or credit the original creators to avoid copyright claims in the future.

Q2. How To Make A Good Reaction Video?

Include animated and candid reactions to a large extent in your videos. Moreover, be sure to cut out unnecessary commentary that causes your viewer to get distracted.

Q3. Are Reaction Videos Legal?

The legality of reaction videos depends on how they are created and portrayed according to copyright laws. If you have given due credit and used limited copyrighted material, your reaction videos are completely safe and legal.

Q4. How To Brainstorm Ideas For Reaction Videos?

You can select trending topics, use content of other creators, leverage digital content on other mediums, or use your own content to make entertaining reaction videos.