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YouTube Advertising: How To Promote YouTube Videos ?

How do I add ads to my YouTube video ? How do you get YouTube to recommend your video?

“How can I Promote My YouTube Video?”, a question every aspiring YouTuber ponders over after his first video. And we have got you the solution with the article. At the end of our conversation, you will be advertising your YouTube video left, right, and center and get the best views.

So let us tell you about some of the best YouTube Advertising Strategies you can use to market your videos and reach your target audience.

Where and How to Promote YouTube Videos

Promote YouTube Videos

Advertising YouTube Videos with Google ads

With Google Ads, you can easily promote and market your YouTube videos over various platforms. Running an ad campaign on Google ads is a process of 4 simple steps:

  • Create Your Advertisement.
  • Set up your budget
  • Select the Desired Target Audience
  • Start the Campaign

Yes, It’s that simple, and the best part about Google ads is the flexibility of running the ads. You don’t need any minimum budget to start ads; you can always change your target audience and the creatives of your ads.

So yeah, Google Ads is the best; however, we will go into the details of creating and running the ad campaigns for YouTube videos later in this guide.

Promote YouTube Videos on Social Media


With the emergence and growth of Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media platforms, social media advertising has become the heartthrob of advertisers worldwide. Social media ads are one of the best ways to promote your YouTube videos, and here’s why:

  • That’s where everyone is.
  • Most inexpensive way of advertising.
  • Efficient target audience bifurcation
  • More than a billion users.

Setting up a social media ad is pretty simple, and we have Mr. Mark Zuckerberg to thank for it. And today, thousands of YouTubers are using social media ads to reach their target audience and growing their channels exponentially.

Now, of course, we all know how economics works right. It doesn’t matter how brilliant and appealing your content is; it is a waste if it reaches the right people.

Bad marketing is one of the reasons some of the best products in the market fail; your YouTube videos are just like that. To ensure that your content performs well, you need to ensure it reaches the people it is made for, which is precisely what you can achieve with social media and Google ads.

How to Promote YouTube Videos to Reach the Right Target audience?

Now you know where you can promote your YouTube videos, but before publishing your ads, you need to establish your target audience and decide what you want them to come across. So the next question here is,” How can I promote my YouTube video to make sure it reaches my target audience?” and now we are going to tell you how you can do it all. So shall we?


Not the World Health Organization; we’re talking about your target audience. The first question you ask yourself while creating your ad is who will see this advertisement, and then you create it based on that. As a YouTuber, your target audience will be the people interested in watching your videos. Let’s say you have a movie review YouTube channel, now your target audience would be film enthusiasts, and that’s who you will create the ads for and what you will feed in the interest section while setting up your ads.


The next thing you determine is the audience’s location; you can create customized ads on both social media and Google ads to reach the people from a particular area or locality. Let us take the movie review channel; for example, if you review a French or Italian movie, you would want to advertise that video in France or Italy, right? And hence, the importance of establishing the location of your target audience.


Here you can decide when you want your target audience to see your ads, which means at what time, how frequently, and on what devices. The right execution of this step majorly decides the fate of your YouTube video ads.

How to Create YouTube Video Ads That Work?

Promote YouTube Videos

Well, now that we have got the target audience thing sorted out, the next question would be, “How can I promote my YouTube Video to appeal to the audience?”. Um, to tell you the truth, there is no one particular way to make the most appealing ad ever. However, you can follow a few guidelines while creating your YouTube video ads to get the audience curious and interested in your YouTube channel and its videos.

Here are some things to keep in mind while creating advertisements for your YouTube videos:

Convey Your Channel’s Essense

While creating your YouTube video ads, you need to keep in mind that the essence and origin of your story are conveyed through it. To personalize the ad, tell them where you are coming from, and get them curious to know more about you.

Use your best videos

Yeah, the first thing, select your best and most attractive videos, the ones that acquired a lot of traffic, or the ones you think have the potential to appeal to your target audience.

Act Quick, you’ve only got 5 seconds

Get the audience hooked in the first 5 seconds of the ad, get them interested, make them want to see more, give them a reason to land on your YouTube channel and thus mesmerize them.


Appeal to the audience with call-to-action phrases. They work, believe me, they do. You just believed me, didn’t you? See, it works.

Unique and Friendly Titles


Yes, using friendly titles works; if you can get someone to read your title, you have already conveyed what you’re all about, and when you show your ads to the right target audience, they will click on it.

Phew, there we are, you now have the answer to your question, “How can I Promote My YouTube Video?” if you want to understand more on how you can set up ads on Facebook, you can check out this detailed article that will help you every step of the way. However, by using these steps to establish your target audience and create appealing ads, you will easily promote your YouTube videos efficiently and get more views on YouTube.