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Keywords For YouTube: What Are They? Why Is It Important ?

Why are YouTube keywords important? What keywords should I use for YouTube?

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform. 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute. You will find die-hard YouTube video watchers who continuously watch videos and search for videos, from creating a Facebook page to DIY videos and everything in between. As a YouTuber, your main aim is to share and promote your videos maximum to the audience. Therefore, keywords for YouTube play a vital role in YouTube’s algorithm to help lead viewers to your YouTube channel. 

In this post, we will discuss the basics of YouTube keywords, why they are essential, and the best tools for helping with the ranking of videos:

What Are Keywords For YouTube?

Keywords for YouTube are nothing but terms and phrases that provide YouTube with information regarding your channel. Based on the information in the description of the YT channel and tags, YouTube SEO and its metadata then categorize your data, which helps google index your YT videos.

To help increase the chances of the number of channel subscribers you have, you will need to optimize your channel’s title, tags, and description by using proper keyword research. 

Using the correct keywords for the YouTube channels is very important to appear at the top of the search result pages because they appeal to viewers. Words such as ‘beginners’ and ‘free’ are usually searched by individuals as much as possible.

What Keywords Should I Use For YouTube?

It is obvious depending on the video, any YT creator may have an idea of what keywords to use in the channel tags. Keyword research will help in finding the best keywords for YouTube. However, research helps you to organize the terms so that the viewers match what they seek. You want to pick keywords that attract your channel’s subscribers and viewers.

For keyword suggestions, you are free to use YouTube Autocomplete. However, suppose it is not enough to overcome competition. Then use Google Search and Google Trends. 

How Do You Find Keywords On YouTube?

To find keywords on YouTube, you may make use of various external tools. These tools enable creators to identify the correct keywords to be viewed by their target audiences in their content. Below we are going to talk about some of the best keyword tools and how they help content creators:

     1. Keyword Tool

Unlike other research tools, the keyword tool is a free tool wherein any creator does not create an account. Instead, this program extracts high-volume terms from the auto-complete feature on YouTube to provide creators with ideas for constructing a description, tags, etc.

keyword-tool-for Youtube

But with the pro version of the keyword tool, you can generate up to 20 keywords for one search term on Google and YouTube. As a result, the keyword tool is adopted by significant SEOs to find long-tail keywords. It offers three paid versions:

  • $69/PO for pro basic
  • $79/PO for pro plus, which is the most popular
  • $159/PO for pro-business

      2. TubeBuddy

It is another popular tool used to search keywords on YouTube. TubeBuddy is an extension and application to the free browser. The data you need for the more excellent ranking of your search results are integrated with your YouTube account. It helps creators to locate high-performance ideas and generate engaging titles using a high-performance keyword search tool. 


Tubebuddy offers a variety of features along with keyword research tools.

Auto translator- to increase global viewership.

An audit of best practice ensuring that your contents meet the guidelines of YouTube.

Apart from the free version, Tubebuddy has three paid plans

  • $7.20/mo = Tubebuddy pro
  • $15.20/mo = Tubebuddy star 
  • $39.20/mo = Tubebuddy legend 

     3. VidIQ

VidIQ is also popular in finding the best keywords for YouTube channels. With VidIQ YT, creators can:

  • YouTube keywords search
  • See the average views and keyword tool for subscribers.
  • Determine whether a video keyword is appropriate with the inspector of the keyword
  • View tags of competitor
  • Use a keyword generator to translate keywords
  • Auto-finish tag
  • Use keyword templates

VidIQ provides a free programme for starting new channels. This design is quite simple; however, some video analyses are available. Furthermore, VidIQ provides three paid options in addition to the basic scheme:

Pro at $7.50/PO

Boost at $39/PO

Boost+ at 415/PO

These tools help find keywords for YouTube. With the help of Tubebuddy and VidIQ, a content creator can get a great deal of important information from the tools: Facebook’s number of likes, SEO scores, the number of words described, the average viewing time, the number of views, etc. These two helpful tools you may consider to be your YouTube spies!

However, it surely helps you improve the YouTube SEO Channel and its algorithm by utilizing keywords, metadata, and other best practices to perform your search better.

If all this information as a beginner YouTuber seems daunting, don’t worry. You do not have to be an SEO specialist in YouTube keywords using the Keyword Tool. It also evaluates the benefits of your competition for a specific phrase, in addition to all your keywords for your most lucrative SEO strategy. These are easy-to-use keyword research tools. You may even estimate the monthly search volume for a specific keyword to estimate prospective traffic.

How Many Keywords Can You Use On YouTube?

As a general thumb rule, for Keywords for YouTube in each of your meta tags, you should target the following character limits:

  • Title of Page: 70 features
  • Description of meta – 160 characters
  • Metadata – not more than 10 keyword sentences

Keep in mind that overstuffing keywords can hamper your rankings. As a result, you could end up ranking less.


If you have a new YouTube channel, you would want to look for keywords that are easier to rank. Find the best keywords for YouTube. It will increase the video’s probability of showing up in search engines. First, include your primary keyword and then utilize particular, more easily ranked multi-word tags. Include single-word tags and wider-term tags if you have room. Finally, strategically place your keywords in the title description and tags. Hence with an SEO plan in place, your channel can develop and master the YouTube algorithm for your efforts to market your video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Choose Keywords For YouTube?

Start using keyword research tools to select useful keywords for your content. The statistics tab in YouTube Studio will help you find out what your target demographic is interested in. YouTube’s autocomplete feature in the search box provides another option for selecting appropriate keywords.

Q2. How Do I Find Channel Keywords?

Finding the right keywords will help you to grow your channel and improve the performance of the videos. Let us see how to look for the channel keywords:

  • Google related searches
  • YouTube Analytics- track the popular searches on the YT Studio
  • Use Google Trends

Q3. How Many Keywords Are Good For YouTube?

A maximum of 5-7 keywords is good for a YouTube video. The idea here is not to clutter the description box with keywords or hashtags.

Q4. How Do I Create A Channel Keyword?

To add channel keywords, follow these steps. Login to your YT account> tap on your profile picture>select YouTube Studio>Settings> Channel>Basic Info. You must add keywords that are relevant to your target audience.