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How To Change Your YouTube Channel’s Name?

Are you still using YouTube names that you chose back in high school? It was cool back then, but now haunts you of embarrassment? So, if you’re thinking about how to change YouTube channel name, then you’re at the right place!

If your channel name doesn’t fit your video niche and ideas, you must change it to something unique yet easy to remember. Follow this step-by-step information about how to change YouTube channel name and quickly rebrand yourself.

How To Change Your Channel Name?

YouTube has made it easy for creators to change their YouTube names and profile pictures, which will only impact their profiles on YouTube.

To change YouTube name:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube Studio account
  2. Click on Customization from the left side menu
  3. Now go to Basic info How to change YouTube Channel name
  4. Now change your channel’s name and handle name
  5. When done, click PUBLISHHow to change YouTube Channel name

This is how you can change YouTube channel name in a few easy steps! Now, you can attract more audiences with your chic and trendy Channel name and grow your YouTube business.

Until now, creators had to change their name and icon for their entire Google account to change YouTube name. Their whole name would be the same as their email address whenever they sent mail across. That hampered the brand-building process and did not make sense from a professional perspective. The new system allows you to change names without interfering with your brand image.

Why Do You Need To Change YouTube Names?


There are plenty of reasons why people are shifting to change their YouTube channel name. The name of your YT channel should match your niche and your personality. The title should not be difficult for your fans to remember.

Now that you have learned how to change your YouTube channel name, here are some important reasons why you must do it right away:

  • To keep it updated and trendy, if you have chosen a name long back that doesn’t make sense for your videos anymore, change your YouTube name and make it cool, just like your channel.
  • Sometimes, it is essential to change the names from a YouTube SEO point of view.
  • If your YouTube channel name is difficult to pronounce, this might be a huge drawback for you. As a creator, you need to ensure that your audience connects with your name and can pronounce it easily.

You can verify your channel so that anyone impersonating you will be marked as fake, and only your channel is considered the original one. You can still reapply for the verification badge if you’ve verified and changed your name and handle.


Now that you know how to change your YouTube channel name set some quirky names for yourself. The growth of your channel highly depends upon the name you give it. That’s the name people are going to remember you from, so if it’s something boring, then knowing how to change your YouTube username is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you rename your YouTube channel?

Yes, YouTubers can rename their YouTube channel to make it easier for viewers to connect to their channels.

Q2. Will I lose subscribers if I change my YouTube channel name?

You won’t lose any subscribers if you change your channel name, handle, or photo on YT.

Q3. Can I Change YouTube channel URL?

Yes, you can edit your channel URL after changing your name.

Q4. Why can’t I change my name on YouTube?

YouTube has a strict policy on changing YouTube channel names. According to the rule, you can edit your channel name once every 90 days. You cannot change it too often, as it would confuse other viewers and users.