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How To Create A Viral Video For Social Media Marketing

Do you want your youtube videos to go viral on social media? Well, many social media marketing audiences have thought it through and have figured out how to do it, but they also know there is no one formula to create a viral video.

What Is A Viral Video



It’s called going viral when a piece of content takes off on social media and reaches a large audience by an unusual amount of shares and exposure.

You’ve probably come across many viral videos sent to you on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The ones that have always been in talks are the videos from Buzzfeed, the gold standard of viral videos for social media marketing.

A video with engaging content and quirky concepts have a high chance to go viral because of its uniqueness. Create videos with specific content and clickable taglines where audiences want to know what’s in the video.

Why Is Creating A Viral Video For Social Media Marketing Important


In digital marketing, video marketing is a powerful tool for online business. Social media is a vast platform to market your brand and make money out of it.

With 2.23 billion active monthly users on Facebook, 1 billion on Instagram, 330 on Twitter, then cross-promotion is the best way to spread the word about your YouTube channel. Social media is an essential aspect of promotion. Hence we have bought some great tips to create a viral video for social media marketing because, let’s face it, we all want a kick start to get motivated and stay focused, it is important, guys.

Videos can go viral on many platforms, but what goes into creating a viral video? And how can you ensure that a large audience is watching or sharing your video?

Read to know the tips for how to create a viral video for social media marketing.

Tips On Creating A Viral Video For Social Media Marketing


Veefly team is well versed in creating viral content for the videos and making those go viral on various social media platforms.

Plan Everything Thoroughly

Plan it through how you will create viral content, who your audience is, and what you are offering. After you figure this out, Phrase a catchy slogan or a tagline that will make people want to click on your video to make it a viral video. If you believe that your content is viral-worthy and these tricks don’t work, you can always go for paid marketing.

Know Your Audience

To make your content go viral, you have to make a target audience, a niche audience for your viral content. Know them, what they are searching for on the internet, who these people are, and you need to know what will resonate with them and want them to share your video. These are the factors you should consider when creating a viral video for social media marketing.

  • Create engaging videos
  • Make relatable content
  • Come up with some unpredictable plot or twist
  • Give them solutions to the most asked questions

Content Marketing tips

You know that you want to create a viral video, knowing that is good, but you should also understand why you want your video to go viral on social media platforms and what do you expect out of it?

Ask these questions to yourself.

  • Do you want this for your brand awareness?
  • Do you want to increase your followers online?
  • Is there a unique set of audience you want to reach?

Answer to these questions, and you will have a concept for the video to go far and solo. Try this technique, and you’ll be surprised to find new ways and ideas to create viral content.

Use Taglines That Grab Attention Immediately

Now to sell anything, whether a product or a service, people look for taglines that can make it easy for our audiences to remember the brand and hence very catchy to grab their attention.
So for audiences to watch your video, they will read the tagline to know whats the video all about?

For instance, if you add a title, say maybe, 5 at home Skincare routines for healthier skin, people would want to know more about it, which will benefit them in all aspects, so think of such phrases that grab your viewer’s attention.
These points can help you promote your brands for social media marketing.

Guidelines To Boost The Awareness Of Your Viral Worthy Video Content


Now that we have covered what should be inside the video let’s talk about letting everyone know about it. How are you going to spread the word, create awareness about the video on social media platforms?

Make concise videos with easy user effects.

Try to keep your content short and crisp to want people to watch the whole video and effortless access to watch the scenes they want to.
Make sure the light and sound are easy and soothing to the viewer so that he wants to spend more time on the channel?

Use Powerful Captions

When promoting your video on social media platforms, you have to write solid and catchy caption copies so that it grabs attention and immediately clicked.
To conduct a social media marketing campaign and get successful, you have to be witty and know how your audiences think, and write exactly what they want.

Promote Your Video

Promotion is an essential part of any social media marketing strategy or anything you want to sell. You have to promote what you are offering so that it reaches a considerable amount of audience.

After uploading your video, you just can’t wait and watch to let that video takeover. You will have to put in efforts to market it in various ways. Like, days before uploading this video, let people know what’s coming soon and post enough awareness about the video before putting it upon the internet.

Give some deals or offers to entice your audiences that live their lives on social media.
Make regular posts about the video to increase the discoverability of your video. There are always paid marketing services to boost your promotion and reach out to many people getting you organic likes and follows.

We hope this Guide which is less boring than the big fat textbooks, helps you get your brand promoted all over social media and makes a lot of money for you. Also, you can strategize your social media marketing tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What creates a viral video?

Videos that receive a lot of engagement are more likely to go viral on YouTube. So if your vide gets more views, likes, comments and shares, it will become popular.

Q2. Where can I post a video to go viral?

Along with YouTube, you can post your video on
Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and Vimeo to go viral.

Q3. Where can I promote my videos?

You can promote your videos on websites, social media platforms and YouTube Promotion sites.

Q4. How do beginners increase YouTube views?

Here’s how beginners can get more views on YouTube:

  1. Create compelling and relatable content.
  2. Promote your videos on other social media platforms.
  3. Collaborate with other content creators.
  4. Publish videos when your audience is most active.
  5. Create playlists of your videos.

Q5. Do hashtags work on YouTube?

Yes, hashtags help your video to become discoverable. You can add hashtags in the video or Short title and description.