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How To Monetize YouTube Shorts?

Since the videos are short and ads cannot be placed on them, how does this work?

Are you looking to earn money through YouTube Shorts? Since its official launch, YouTube creators have started monetizing their YouTube Shorts and bring in more views on their channel. With video content of only 60 seconds, you can now monetize YouTube Shorts and make easy money with your YouTube channel.

Since the videos are short and ads cannot be placed on them, how does this work? This blog will help clarify these questions as we explore what YouTube Shorts are and how you can turn them into a goldmine of views and revenue.

What are YouTube Shorts?

What are YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are short videos similar to Instagram and Facebook stories where creators can share their creative video content. It’s a fun way for creators to express and share themselves on the platform. As a user, you can simply tap on these videos through the YouTube app on your smartphones and swipe through to view more videos.

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Monetize your YouTube Shorts

Earlier, creators used YouTube to simply and share their videos to entertain their audience. Today, you can easily earn through YouTube and make a living as a full-time YouTuber. If you are new to the platform, start setting up a YouTube channel and building an audience for yourself.

YouTube monetization isn’t rocket science. Once you meet the YouTube Partner Program criteria, you can monetize your channel easily. YouTube allows creators to place ads on their videos, and apart from this, you can join sponsorship and affiliate programs and increase your earnings.

Wondering how to earn via Shorts when you can’t place ads on them? Well, the views you receive on your YouTube Shorts contribute towards your watch hours. You can also use YT Shorts to bring more subscribers to your channel through your amazing video content.

You can use YouTube Analytics through your YouTube Studio account to keep track of the number of views and no. of clicks you get on your Shorts. The Shorts report shows content trends, strategies, and tips to make your videos more entertaining. You can also access the FAQ at the end of the report.

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YouTube is constantly updating its platform to serve creators in a better way. Recently, Youtube expanded its monetization criteria to more types of content that were earlier not a part of its policies. So take advantage of these new updates and let your creativity go wild on YouTube.