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Top 3 Reasons Why Your YouTube Views Are Dropping

The dropping views of your YouTube channel giving you anxiety? Here's why this is happening!

YouTube is a great source of income for many people. The monetization program made it easy for people to freely pursue their passion on YouTube and even get paid for it. But if your steady stream of incoming views abruptly stops, it is bound to create some panic in your head. We are here to tell you why your YouTube views are dropping suddenly and what you can do to fix the problem.

3 Reasons Why Your YouTube Views Vanished

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Every once in a while, the YouTube audit team examines YouTube channels, and if they find suspicious activity from the audience, they will take away existing views.

If you lost views from your recent videos, it could be because:

Video Wasn’t Watched For More Than 10 Seconds

When new users are just discovering your channel, they tend to watch a few of your popular videos just to get an idea of your channel. A lot of the time, they will open and close a video within 10 seconds. While that counts as a view when the viewer clicks, the YouTube audit team later deletes that below 10 seconds view.

So while building your loyal following base, you will receive many of these smaller views.

Same Viewer Is Watching Your Videos Multiple Times

The same person watching your video multiple times is considered spammy by YouTube. After tracking their IP address, YouTube decides to remove these repeated views. So YouTube becomes suspicious when your video gains popularity among a certain demographic, and they rewatch the video multiple times.

To calculate the views fairly then, YouTube removes all your repeated video views bringing your view count to the minimum.

Viewer Has Deleted Their Account

YouTube removes views based on inactivity. Not only the YouTubers’ inactivity is part of the reason, but also the viewers’ inactivity. When users leave the platform, their data gets cleared, and information is reset. So all their views from all YouTube channels get removed, wiping their slate clean.

So if the views that were present on your channel have recently been taken down, that could be because some viewers deleted their YouTube accounts.


Most of the reasons why YouTube views are dropping is because YouTube is doing an audit check. You can do nothing other than keep up your efforts with your channel and create great content. You will soon be in the clear and gain a larger audience.