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How to View YouTube Channel Statistics?

How is my channel doing? A Simple Guide to Tracking the Right Statistics

YouTube has been the best video-sharing platform since 2005 and has over 37 million channels as of 2020. Are you wondering how will you make your channel grow with so much competition around? To know where your channel stands in the competition, you need to know whether your channel is progressing. How will you track your channel’s progress? Observing and studying your channel’s statistics might sound very difficult and boring, right? Well… today I will discuss YouTube Channel Statistics in detail and make this simple and interesting for you!

What are YouTube Channel Statistics?

YouTube Analytics gives you an overview of your channel’s progress. You get to know the content your viewers are interested in viewing and also gives a deeper insight into what is in your channel’s growth’s favor and what isn’t! YouTube Analytics is quite vast and a bit time-consuming. But YouTube Channel Statistics are important and will help you to understand if the progress line on the graph is climbing upward! Are you able to meet the numbers that you are expecting? You can try reviewing certain statistics and then dig deeper into the detailed analytics!


Importance of YouTube Channel Statistics

If you want the progress line on the graph to move upward, you need to boost youtube views on your videos. But getting your audience hooked onto your channel isn’t easy until and unless you don’t understand what your viewers are interested in watching. Once you know what your audience is interested in watching and you start making more content, you end up getting more views and watch time on your videos. Your Subscribers and your viewers are your loyal supporters. They can share your videos on their social media and therefore help you to gain more views on your videos.

How will you track your progress with your channel Statistics?

To track your progress with YouTube Statistics you need to answer these questions:

How is your channel doing? 

Set goals for yourself before you start monitoring your progress. You can then check if you are getting more views, subscribers, and watch time on your videos.

Who is watching your videos? Are your viewers interested in watching your content?

You need to know who is watching your videos so you can alter your creative strategies to reach your target audience.

Is your audience engaged?

Are they liking and commenting on your videos? Observe what they are liking and what has caught their attention within each video.

Are you meeting your monetary goals?

Once you start making monetary benefits, keep in check which video helps you to earn more money! If you keep a track of this it will help you to understand what your audience is interested in watching thus it will help you to get more watch time.


Steps to view YouTube Channel Statistics

Follow these simple steps to view your channel statistics:

  1. Login to your YouTube account.
  2. On the right corner of your profile and select ‘ YouTube Studio’.
  3. On ‘YouTube Studio’s dashboard’ select ‘Content’.
  4. Under the dashboard, select ‘Analytics’.


The ‘Content’ option explains:

  • The list of videos that you have uploaded
  • To who all the video is visible
  • If any restrictions are impacting your reach or your ability to earn monetary benefits
  • The date you have uploaded the videos
  • How many times your video is viewed. It keeps fluctuating when you upload a new video
  • The number of comments your video has received.
  • How many likes and dislikes your video has received. Look at the number of most likes a video has received and what appeals to your audience.


The ‘Analytics’ option has an overview, reach, engagement, audience.

Real-time: This gives you an overview of how many viewers are watching your channel and your videos. You can keep a check on this tab especially when you upload new videos.

Watch time: Watch time is the total number of minutes your video is being watched by your viewers. Your videos having higher watch time will be suggested and recommended by YouTube. You can also get to know the number of minutes your video is watched, who is watching your videos, from where they are discovering your videos from, and which part of your video has caught their attention

Interaction: Check how your viewers are reacting to your videos. Are they liking or disliking your video? Are they adding your video to the playlist or sharing it on social media?

Concluding Thoughts

You should check these reports every 30 days to understand your channel’s progress. This blog will definitely help you to understand your YouTube Channel Statistics easily. But if you want to compete with your competitors and want to keep a track of their channel analytics you should read How To View YouTube Analytics For Other Channels? Also, read What Are The Best YouTube Analytics Tools In 2021? You can also export your reports to analyze them in detail.