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How to View YouTube Channel Statistics?

How is your YT channel doing? A Simple Guide to Tracking the Right Statistics

YouTube has been the best video-sharing platform since 2005 and has over 114 million active channels as of 2023. To grow amidst stiff competition, you must track your channel’s progress on a consistent basis. How will you track your channel’s progress? Understanding YouTube Analytics helps you gain data-driven insights about your channel’s performance. Observing and studying your YouTube channel statistics might sound very difficult and boring, right? Well… today I will discuss YouTube Channel Statistics in detail and make it simple and interesting for you in this article!

What Are YouTube Channel Statistics?

YouTube Analytics gives an overview of your channel’s progress. You get to know the content your viewers are interested in viewing, and it also gives a deeper insight into what fuels your channel’s growth. YouTube Analytics is quite vast and time-consuming to understand. YouTube Channel Statistics are an important part of understanding YouTube analytics and will help you to understand if the progress line on the graph is climbing upward!

Are you able to meet the numbers that you are expecting? Or is there something crucial that you are missing that is hindering the growth of your YT channel. You can try reviewing certain statistics and then dig deeper into the detailed reports when you know how to understand YouTube analytics.


Steps To View YouTube Channel Statistics

Follow these simple steps to view your channel statistics:

  1. Visit YouTube.com and log in with your credentials.
  2. Click on the profile picture in the top right corner and select ‘YouTube Studio.’
  3. Go to the ‘Content‘ option in your YouTube Studio dashboard.
  4. Under the dashboard, select ‘Analytics.

Content- YouTube-Analytics-Dashboard

The ‘Content’ option explains:

  • The list of videos that you have uploaded
  • To whom all the video is visible
  • If any restrictions are impacting your reach or your ability to earn monetary benefits
  • The date you uploaded the videos
  • Number of times your video has been viewed. It keeps fluctuating when you upload a new video
  • The number of comments your video has received.
  • How many likes and dislikes your video has received. Look at the number of likes a video has received and what appeals to your audience.


The ‘Analytics’ option has an overview, reach, engagement, and audience.

Real-time: This gives you an overview of how many viewers are watching your channel and your videos. You can keep a check on this tab, especially when you upload new videos.

Watch time: Watch time is the total number of minutes your video is being watched by your viewers. Your videos having higher watch time will be suggested and recommended by YouTube. You can also get to know the number of minutes your video is watched, who is watching your videos, from where they are discovering your videos, and which part of your video has caught their attention

Interaction: Check how your viewers are reacting to your videos. Are they liking or disliking your video? Are they adding your video to the playlist or sharing it on social media?

Tracking Your Progress With YouTube Channel Statistics

To track your progress with YouTube channel Statistics, you keep your eyes on the three most important metrics.

1. Watchtime

2. Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

3. Traffic Sources

Let’s explore what these metrics mean and how can you use them to track the progress of your YT channel.

1. Watchtime

Watch time

It is the most important metric content creators should track when they want to monitor their success on YouTube. Watchtime is the total time a viewer watches your video. It is reported as the average of all users watching the video.

Your goal should be to target watchtime of 50%-60% on your videos. Higher watch time means that your audience likes your content and is willing to subscribe to your channel. When you know how YouTube analytics works, you can closely notice at what point viewers left watching your video. It indicates at which point the content in your video becomes boring or invaluable.

2. Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

Next in the list of YouTube channel statistics is the Clickthrough rate. When your YouTube video thumbnail is actually clicked by users scrolling through YT or other social media platforms, it is called the clickthrough rate. A CTR of 10% or higher is an ideal benchmark that creators should look for. Besides, it also indicates the degree of relevance of your content to your audience. A higher CTR shows that your audience is actually interested in the content you are putting out. You can also improve the CTR of your YouTube videos using these tips.

3. Traffic Sources

When you dive deeper into understanding YouTube analytics, you can track the sources of your traffic. In order to witness steady growth on YouTube, you should aim to attract a major share of viewers from within YouTube. The longer viewers watch your video, the more likely YT will suggest your videos to other users. This will increase the watch time of your videos. As watch time increases, so will the impressions and the CTR. A higher CTR and greater watch time will cause the YouTube algorithm to show your videos to a broader audience.

Monitoring the views and subscribers is important, but the primary three metrics described above are even more significant in driving the growth of your subscriber base. When you know how YouTube Analytics works, you can get personalized overview reports that show a comparison chart of your channel’s performance.


Consistently tracking the reports from YouTube analytics will give you a clear idea of your channel’s progress. Monitoring your YouTube channel statistics can help you find hidden gems about what’s working and what’s not. Once you know it, you can work towards the same or simply just buy YouTube views to improve the performance of your YouTube videos and appear on the result page.

You can also use various tools to track the YouTube analytics of your competitors or other channels and develop content strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is YouTube Analytics Free?

Yes, YouTube Analytics is absolutely free, which allows YouTube content creators to analyze and track their video performance and grow their channel.

Q2. How Do I View Stats For A YouTube Video?

To track the performance of a YouTube video, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your YouTube account
  • Tap on your profile picture and select YouTube Studio
  • From the dashboard, select Content
  • Hover over the video and select Analytics.

Q3. Can I See Statistics About A YouTube Channel?

Yes, you can use online third-party tools to view other channels’ statistics. For example, BuzzSumo and Social Blade are a few options that provide information about competitors’ channels.

Q4. Can I Attract More Subscribers By Viewing Competitor YouTube Channel Analytics?

To a certain extent, yes. Viewing your competitor’s YouTube channel analytics can give you valuable information about the kind of content that is popular among your target audience. You can then create a better video in your own style.