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How to get rich on YouTube? – Top 10 easy ways

How can a beginner make money on YouTube? How hard is it to make money on YouTube?

Are you wondering how to get rich on YouTube? ‘Billionaires,’ doesn’t the term allure you in a pretty fascinating manner? Every living being on this planet has a wish to someday hit the Forbes under 30 list, which itself holds a tremendous amount of respect. Many people try their luck in their businesses, whereas there are also people who dive deeper into the world of stock markets to gain overnight fortunes and overnight losses.

Apart from this, many young minds use their creative mannerism and talent on YouTube and gain popularity and fame with time. However, one common thing in all the above-stated ideas to get rich is that they all require one thing in common, consistency and hard work.

In this fast-paced world, we know that people often opt for quick success, leading to their downfall. So here are a few legit ways that we will share on how to get rich on YouTube. This will help you terminate the risk of slowing down in your career and become rich with proper time and experience on YouTube.

Here are the Top 10 Easy Ways to Get Rich on YouTube

Super Chat Payments

Source: Social blade

Imagine hosting your live show on YouTube, and suddenly there is a pop-up with the text saying ‘ abz sent you super chat of 200′. Feels terrific! Now you would ask, “how to get these super chats?’  The answer is simple- engage with your audience. YouTube Engagement plays a significant work along with its algorithm, which helps your content reach the crowd, get to know them to become their beloved, and boom! You scored a super chat. Hack 101 to become rich.

Google AdSense

In a typical day-to-day life, coming across an ad on YouTube while watching something interesting can be irritating, but the tables turn a full 180 degrees when you are a content creator on this platform. Working with AdSense can swiftly boost your YouTube Channel when you enable ads on your video. Additionally, these google Adsense are completely free and do cost you a single penny. I understand that earning money at a young age seems to secure the future, but please be over 18 years!

YouTube Views

We are not talking about the point of view but the actual YouTube views you get after posting and making your video public. Good content generally generates a good amount of attention and gives a high chance of earning multiplication. The revenue starts to work once your views cross a particular mark. Your YouTube views can increase when you have a good amount of subscribers, say you have 20000 subscribers. The probability of getting the views to 20000 ratios is nearly 3000. Make sure to keep AdSense on.

The YouTube Partner Program

The people who are part of the YouTube Partner Program have access to many unique YouTube areas like premium and super chat options. Also, if you aren’t a part of the YPP, you cannot be eligible for YouTube monetization.

YouTube Premium Revenue

When a premium subscriber watches your video, a small amount of their subscription gets credited to your account. Now, this is a natural, easy way of earning money, and if you have many premium subscribers, you’ll become the next Jeff Bezos.

Promoting Other Brands On Your YouTube Channel

Encouraging the other small business on your channel can be bliss when you aim to earn a good amount of money from YouTube. However, giving out legal and essential information about the product and encouraging the viewers to buy them is crucial.

Even though this is a good way of earning, please be honest about the reviews as your audience would buy it after getting influenced by you. Any type of partiality may lead to the breaking of the audience’s trust as well as the brand you have collaborated with. Being ethical is key to any successful business.

Promoting Content On Other Social Media Platforms


Linking your YouTube videos related to your Facebook and Instagram stories allows you to get new views and subscribers if they liked your content. Make it a point to share the information about your videos with your friends and family groups and encourage them to watch them. The most vital point is to keep your social profile open for all sorts of interaction and messages so people can get a valuable overview of whom they are talking to. Ensure people know what you are working upon and educate the people for their better knowledge.

Meet and Greet

We will always hope your channel will attain greater heights, making your meet and greet unique and attention-grabbing.

These personal meetings can always go in your favor as you can sell the tickets for your live tours or host a concert if you are a singer!

Following the above tricks can help you to rank up your YouTube game and, side by side, make a steady source of earning methods! Happy earning.