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How To Pin A Comment On YouTube?

Want your viewers to see a comment at the top of your comments section?

Most viewers agree that YouTube videos are only as good as their comment sections. So it makes sense that you would want to learn how to pin a comment on YouTube. This pinned comment will appear at the top of your video and can be a great place to promote anything you want.

So let us see how to pin a comment on YouTube:

How To Pin A Comment On YouTube? (Android)

If you wish to pin a comment on YT using your Android device, you can follow the steps below.

1. Launch the YouTube app on your Android smartphone.

2. Look for your channel’s profile picture in the upper right corner and tap it.

Open YouTube app

3. Tap on Your channel from the list of options that appear.

4. Look for a video that has comments that you wish to pin. Tap comments under the video.

Select channel and tap comments

5. Select the existing comment you want to pin. In case you want to pin your comment, write and post it first before pinning it to the top.

6. Click on the three-dot icon beside the comment. Tap Pin from the options that appear. Confirm that you want to pin in the pop-up that appears.

Three dot icon and Tap on Pin

Viola! You have successfully pinned a comment on your YouTube video using an Android device.

How To Pin Comments On YouTube?(IOS)

Are your viewers asking you the same question repeatedly in your videos, and you are absolutely tired of answering it each time? You might benefit from writing one comment to answer that common question and pinning it at the top of your comment section.

So here are the steps on how to pin comments on YouTube:

  1. Open YouTube and go to a video you have posted.
  2. Go to its Comment section and either write a comment to pin or select from an already existing comment.pin a comment on youtube
  3. Tap on the three dots to open the menu and select Pin.pin comment on youtube
  4. Choose Pin again to confirm the comment you want to pin.pin comment on yt

Now no matter how many comments you get on your video and how many likes a comment gets, your pinned comment will always be on top.

How To Pin Comments On YouTube?(PC)

Pinned comments can serve multiple purposes, like adding links or updating the viewers with the latest news in your content. Pinning a comment on YouTube on a desktop is very similar to the steps involved in an IOS or Android device. Follow these steps to pin a comment on your YouTube videos using a PC.

1. Go to YouTube.com and log in with your credentials.

2. Locate the video for which you want to pin comments and go to its comment section.

3. Look for the comment you want to pin. If you wish to pin your comment, you must write and post it on your video to pin it.

4. Click on the three-dots icon beside the comment and select the ‘Pin’ option from the list. A dialogue box will appear, asking you for confirmation to pin the comment.

Once successfully pinned, you will see a text saying ‘Pinned By‘ followed by your channel name.

Why Should You Pin Comment? (YouTube)

There are multiple reasons for having pinned comments on YouTube. Let’s look at some common reasons that motivate other YouTubers for doing so:

  • Plugging their product, service, or other social media platforms.
  • Answering a common question everyone might be asking.
  • Someone else’s funny or interesting comment.
  • Giving more insight into the video.
  • Asking a question to get the conversation started.

While many of these can be done on the YouTube video’s description, not all viewers read the description. But reading the comments has become a very common practice among the viewers.


As a YouTuber just starting out, you might not get many comments on your videos. So even if you have something to tell your viewers, your comment will be seen. But as you become more and more popular, there is a huge chance your comment will get lost among all other comments if not pinned at the top.

So now that you know how to pin a comment on YouTube, you can easily do it to your own comment or someone else’s that you found interesting enough to showcase it to all your viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Should You Write In YouTube Pin Comment?

As a YouTube pinned comment, write something your audience wants to see on top of your comment section. It can be a conversation starter, a question they all have answered, or even the link to lead them to your website or social platforms.

Q2. Can I Pin Multiple Comments On YouTube?

No. YouTube only allows one comment to be pinned at a time on a video. So either add all you want to that comment or write it in the video’s description.

Q3. Is It Necessary To Pin Your Own YouTube Comment?

No. Most YouTubers only pin their own comment if they have something important to share with their viewers in the video. You can totally just pin a comment you received and really liked.

Q4. Can I Pin Comment On the YouTube App?

Yes. If you know how to pin a YouTube comment, you can do it from any device your YouTube account is signed in on.