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Morningfame: The Keyword Research Tool (Grow Your YouTube Channel)

What is Morningfame? How can I get Morningfame?

What is Morningfame? This tool will help you to understand the YouTube analytics of your channel. There are many other platforms like VidIQ and Tubebuddy that also have similar features and assist you in researching the best video-sharing platform. In this blog, let us understand how Morningfame will help you to grow your YouTube channel.

How Does Morningfame Keyword Research Tool Work?


As a content creator, we are sure you just don’t make videos on random topics. Therefore, you need to have a proper strategy to get views on YouTube videos. So let’s understand further how the Morningfame keyword research tool works:

Keyword planning tool

You are aware of the growing competition on YouTube; if you want to grow your channel and get views on your videos, you need to understand the YouTube SEO. First, you need to enter relevant keywords in your YT video title, description, and YouTube tags.

Morningfame helps you to enter relevant keywords based on that of your competitors. Also, when you create videos on new ideas, this keyword tool will assist you in finding the right set of keywords.

Suggest relevant tags and topics

if you are running out of topics, all you need to do is enter some keyword in Morningfame and it will help you to get the relevant topic to the keyword you have entered.

it analysis the performance of your previous video and also of your competitors’ videos to suggest the best ones. So that you can add those in your title, description, and YouTube tags.

How to get the Morningfame invitation code?

This platform is a bit different from other ones. To join Morningfame, you need to have the Morning invitation code from the YouTubers. Yes, you read that right. You cannot sign in using your email. You need to have a Morningfame invite code that you need to enter on the platform, only then you can be a part of the Morningfame.


To get the invite code, you simply type ‘Morningfame review 2021‘ in the YouTube search bar. You can open the video and you can get the Morningfame invitation code from one of the YouTube content creators.

Morningfame vs Tubebuddy


Tubebuddy: When you enter the keyword in this platform’s search bar, it shows how your videos will perform keeping in mind how the search bar on YouTube works.

Morningfame: While you enter the keywords in your title, description, or tags, it assists you to enter the relevant set of keywords based on how your videos are performing and that of your competitors.


Competitors Analysis

The best part about both platforms is that they analyze your YouTube channel along with your competitors. let’s see what best does Morningfame and Tubebuddy do.

Tubebuddy: You can track and research your competitors. Also whenever your competitor will upload a new video you will receive an alert.

Morningfame: It fetches your competitors’ ideas. So that you can stay ahead of the curve to get views on your video as compared to your competitors. It also shows you what your competitors aren’t doing. So that you can do that on your YouTube channel first. Isn’t this one of the best ways to grow your YouTube channel?


Tubebuddy: Pro – If you are a beginner on Youtube then you can use the pro plan. It costs $7.20/ month.

Star – If you want to save your time and maximize your YouTube channel growth you can avail this plan at $15.20/ month.

Legend – If you want more competitive data and expand your reach on YouTube, then you can use the Legend plan that is available for $39.20/ month.

Morningfame: The basic plan is available at $4.90/ month. This will include all the channel analytics but comes with limited keyword research. Of course, you can use this platform for free for the first month.

The Plus Plan includes channel analytics with unlimited keyword research at $12.90/ month.



Now that you know everything about this YouTube keyword tool, go ahead and use this to grow your YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Morningfame?

It is a keyword and analysis tool for YouTube.

Is Morning Fame free?

Yes, you can use it for free in the first month. Just the keyword research will be limited.

How can I get Morningfame?

You need to type ‘Youtube review 2021’ in your YouTube search bar and to get the invite code from the YT content creators.

How much does Morningfame cost?

Morningfame costs from $4.90 to $12.90 per month.