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YouTube Rebrand: Ways to rebrand YouTube Channel

Can I rebrand a YouTube channel? Can you change your brand name on YouTube?

We are sure you must have heard about JJ Olatunji, better known as KSI. He is a famous YouTuber and rapper who rebranded his YouTube channel from KSI. He started his career with FIFA games, then a boxer, and now is a successful singer. KSI had rebranded his YouTube channel from KSI to JJ Olatunji. In this blog, let us understand what YouTube rebrand is and tips for rebranding your YouTube channel.

What is YouTube rebranding?

Your YouTube channel name becomes your YouTube identity on YouTube and also on other social media platforms. Therefore, your YouTube channel name should be relevant to your channel’s niche. Initially, YouTubers name their YouTube channels randomly, and once they get to fame, many YouTubers try changing their channel name. Yes… YouTube allows you to change your YouTube channel name after three months. 

youtube rebrand

Similarly, as we mentioned above, KSI had two YouTube channels. KSI created his second YouTube channel in 2011 and rebranded his channel from ‘KSIOlajidebt’ in 2020 to ‘JJ Olatunji.’ Guess what he gained more than 13 million subscribers on this channel after he rebranded the YouTube channel. His motive to make a second YouTube channel was to make gaming videos. On his first and original account, he wanted to concentrate on vlogging. Now he also posts music videos on his KSI channel. Now we share some tips to rebrand your YouTube channel.

Tips for rebranding your YouTube Channel

Before you rebrand your channel, make a video that explains the reason

Before changing your YouTube channel’s name, it is important to let your subscribers know. You can make a video explaining why you are rebranding your YouTube channel. Your subscribers and fans will be confused if you directly rebrand the YouTube channel or rename it. To avoid confusion, you can make a video explaining the reason and assure your fans that you will make the same quality content.

For example, here’s a video by Mathew Tamin, as he explains why he is rebranding YouTube channel.

Rename your social media platforms and add the new icon

You can rename your social media platforms with the one on your YouTube channel to avoid confusion. However, some people might take advantage of this situation and make a page on social media and use your name. Therefore, you can name your social media platforms with the new YouTube channel’s name. However, before you do so, you can write a note on all your social media platforms to let your fans know that you are rebranding your channel.

Rebrand YouTube Channel

Change the name of your YouTube channel

This is a crucial step, which can make your career or just spoil what you have earned. For example, some subscribers might disagree with this decision and might unsubscribe from your YouTube channel or stop watching your content. For example, when ‘Comedy Shorts Gamer’ rebranded his YouTube channel to ‘Deji,’ he lost many subscribers.

But this can turn in your favor as well. For example, when ‘KsiHD’ was rebranded to ‘JJ Olatunji,’ he gained a lot of subscribers

youtube rebrand

Do not forget to update your name on all your social media handles.

Create content that your subscribers are interested in watching

Remember, you are rebranding your YouTube channel name, but you need to continue making quality content. Mostly YouTubers rebrand YouTube channels to bring a professional approach to their YouTube channel. If your subscribers support you in your decision, you need to be loyal to your fans and keep making content that they are interested in watching.

Concluding thoughts

We suggest you think and analyze all the pros and cons before taking the drastic step of the YouTube rebrand. It may take you to heights or drop you down from the position that you are currently on. If you want to get more views, we at veefly will provide you up to 1000 free YouTube views.