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What Is YouTube Marketing? Ultimate Guide for Beginner’s (Updated)

What is YouTube's marketing strategy? What type of marketing is YouTube?

YouTube marketing plays a significant role when you are just starting off your career on YouTube! From deciding the best niche to getting packed with equipment for your newly made channel, everything seems pretty much exciting! But, there is a barrier that we need to overcome! When you want to make your video be discovered, you need to optimize your video in that manner too! So for today, we will teach you all about YouTube marketing and how you can gain free youtube views and promote your channel from the same!

How Can YouTube Marketing Help You Grow?

YouTube Marketing

YouTube video marketing is a significant stepping stone for the ultimate video success! There are countless marketing opportunities on YouTube itself, given that you can catch them! YouTube is the biggest social media platform, which counts almost 2 billion daily log-ins! Hence, you must keep in mind that with such a large audience base, YouTube channel advertising and the marketing itself should be done step by step! So without any further delay, let’s take a look at the steps so that you know how to cook that perfect YouTube marketing recipe!

Come Up With A YouTube Channel.

Create YouTube channel

Okay, we know that if you are YouTuber, you must have a YouTube channel. But there is a difference. When you make a new account on YouTube, make sure you open the brand account! While you can always access your regular YouTube account, it may limit your reach.

In the brand account, things are not the same. The brand itself means that you have started building a big name for yourself! And when this happens, you will connect with more people to enhance your knowledge and share what you have learned! This is why a brand account is perfect for multiple authorized users who can log in to the account!

Take A Look At Your Niche To Promote Your YouTube Video

Easy steps to find your niche

Niche selection holds second place in the hierarchy. It is always good to experiment with new topics and ideas, but you may need an adequately established niche to furnish your channel with. It can be a singing YouTube channel or a vlog; niche plays an important role!

Things to keep in mind while creating your niche are as follows:-

  • You should have enough knowledge about the topic that you are covering
  • The facts that you put out to the world should be cross-checked
  • Even if you decide the change the base topic, make it a point to be consistent on your YouTube channel!

Learn About Your Audience For YouTube Video Marketing

Target audience for YouTube Growth

Audience, audience, and audience. What would our dear YouTubers do without their back support!? The audience can also help you gain free YouTube views when learning about the basic statistics.

When you upload a video on YouTube, your channel stats will get updated side by side. After 6-7 months, take a look at the user age range. If you have a user band of 17-24, you can take a hint and make videos related to that age category! Also, the pre Dominant age range on YouTube is 15-25, so you get the hint now!

Take A Look At The Competition.

YouTube marketing strategy

Researching your competitors is essential for YouTube promotion services.  Competitive analysis can help you identify the areas of improvement and your strong points.

If you are trying to identify your competitors, you can take the help of google ads free keyword planner. You can now search the keywords and see what channels cover the same topic! Take a look at the below-listed tricks!

  • Keep in check the subscribers count and viewing statistics and gain more information.
  • Titles and Descriptions also work wonders. They help you plan your next step accordingly.
  • Don’t worry, we are not training you for a money heist
  • Conduct a SWOT. Swot basically refers to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You can note them down respectively and end your competitive analysis here.

Follow Your Favorite Channel For An Increased Rate of YouTube Channel Advertising.

YouTube video marketing

We are sure you have a favorite channel, right? Do you ever notice what you enjoy about them? Take a look at the below-listed examples!

  • What are some traits that keep you wanting more?
  • Is it their user-friendly style or their ability to keep you engaged with their video?
  • Do they crack some jokes here and there and make you their online best friend?
  • Do they value your opinions and ask for more channel suggestions?

Well, when you find the answer to the above questions, be sure to implement them in your own video too! This will help you, as a YouTube creator, to hook in viewers!

Video Optimization Is The Key.

YouTube channel advertising

As you know, YouTube is the famous search engine after Google hence giving a conclusion that keywords are necessary to amp up your YouTube game! If you are a content writer, you must know that blogs on google are ranked based on keywords, descriptions, and many other contributing factors! Take a look at some of the best SEO techniques to boost up your YouTube channel!

  • A strong title enables you to stay ahead in YouTube channel advertising. Be sure to use relevant keywords too.
  • Thumbnails should be attractive but not clickbait. You will lose your audience and, eventually, your channel.
  • The description should be filled will keywords. Please avoid stuffing your description.
  • End screens, cards, and bumpers are great ways to regulate the traffic on your channel. It helps you promote your YouTube video.
  • Upload and schedule the video at a proper time. When you look at the analytics, be sure to note down when your viewers are active the most. Uploading a video in that period would result in success!
  • Channel optimization helps to attract your audience. A beautiful channel icon with enthralling channel art will leave an ever-lasting impression on your mind!

Organize Your Video Into The Playlist For A better YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube SEO for YouTube marketing

It is a good idea to gather all your YouTube videos to make a playlist out of it! This will help your fans find your video all in one place!

What Type Of Marketing Is YouTube?

Promote your YouTube video

YouTube has managed to safeguard its place in the content marketing area! You can find the content of each and every type over the social media giant!

How Do YouTube Videos Go Viral?

Most of the viral videos have the trait of capturing the ongoing trends! You can also try the same trending topic or dive into the ocean of controversies if you are a little brave!

What Are Some YouTube Marketing Services?

YouTube marketing services

Barracuda is the leading digital marketing agency that will help you out with YouTube channel advertising to YouTube SEO!


We hope that you found this guide on making YouTube marketing helpful. It is always an excellent point to enhance your knowledge with more SEO information. Keywords will help you gain rank, so try to get more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Market On YouTube?

You can put up ads for your business which will help you grow your business and take it to higher momentum.

Is YouTube Good For Marketing?

Yes! As you know there are almost more than 1 million videos being uploaded on this social media platform. So we would highly suggest you take heads up for marketing on YouTube 

What Do You Mean By YouTube Marketing?

The simple term is promoting your product or business on YouTube to get leads and have an increase in sales!