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Simple Ways to Promote YouTube Video – Beginner’s guide

Are you finding out ways to promote YouTube video? As you know YouTube is a great video-sharing platform that has millions of views every day. Almost 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube. Therefore, it is really very important to promote your YouTube videos to grow your YouTube channel. YouTube itself is a brand and you can easily promote your channel on YouTube itself. Here are some tips that will help you in YouTube video promotion.

Effective tips to promote YouTube video in 2021

It isn’t difficult to advertise on YouTube as it sounds. Here are some simple tips that you can follow to get more views on your YouTube channel:

Engaging titles

YouTube video titles are one of the most factors that can help you to gain more views. Your title should be short, crisp, and interesting. It should be able to grab the attention of your viewers. Video titles should include relevant keywords that define the contents of the video. ‘How to’ videos tend to get more views on YouTube as people usually search videos asking questions. Research and write engaging videos instead of sticking to one style.

How to increase YouTube Views

YouTube is the world’s second-largest engine and is owned by the best search engine in the world. Search engine optimization plays an important role in optimizing your videos and advertising on YouTube. Get free 1000 YouTube views from Veefly.

Title & Description: Include relevant keywords in your video title and description. You can also use keyword generators to help you to find relevant keywords.

Tags: Add keywords that are related to your content. Also, do not use many tags as YouTube might delete your tags if you make use of excessive and irrelevant tags.

Use keywords in your video: When you’re creating your video try including a target keyword as it helps YouTube to understand the context of your video.

Interact with your audience: Ask your audience to like and comment on your video, as it helps you to get ranked in the search results. You can also ask your audience to share your video, this is an easy way of YouTube video promotion.


Use customized thumbnails

This is one of the easiest ways to promote your YouTube videos. By default, YouTube takes a snap from your own video to display as a thumbnail for your video. Well… that’s fine, but if you want to gain more views from the audience you can customize your thumbnails. You can include your title and description in your thumbnail to give your audience a glimpse of what your video contains. You can also add your own picture in the thumbnail to grab the attention of your viewers.

Promote your videos on YouTube

YouTube has over 37 million YouTube channels globally. There are chances that other YouTube creators have already made a video on the topic that you are addressing. To get views on your previous videos, you can cross-promote your videos by sharing related video links at the end of your current video. You can also create playlists so that your viewers can keep watching the videos that you have added to a playlist.

Organize a contest or giveaways for your viewers

Viewers are always looking out for giveaways and prizes. You can organize contests and give out prizes to gain more views on your YouTube channel. Encourage your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. This is one of the best tips to gain subscribers and get more views on your YouTube videos.

Promote your videos on social media platforms

Social media is a free and easiest way to get YouTube tips for your videos. Promote your YouTube video on social media and ask your social media followers to watch the video on your YouTube channel.