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How to Promote your Video on YouTube?

How do I promote my YouTube video? 6 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel for More Views.

Have you started your YouTube channel lately? Do you want to attract an audience to your channel? Starting a YouTube channel can be a bit stressful as you have already read and researched everything you need to know about YouTube. You have all the information you need, yet you are confused about what to apply and what to ignore! Well… firstly you need to post unique and trendy content. Also, do not expect to become popular overnight instead work hard and be patient. In this blog, I will share some easy tips that will help you to promote your video on YouTube.

Simple Tips to Promote your Video on YouTube

Follow these simple tips to promote your YouTube videos:

Make use of keywords

As you know YouTube is the second largest search engine and is owned by the world’s largest search engine Google! Imagine how many views your videos on YouTube will receive if your video is suggested in the search results on Google. Search Engine Optimization is one of the major factors of Google search results. Use Google search-friendly keywords in your title and video description. Do not make it sound complex, keep it simple and easy for the audience to search.


Promote on social media

This goes without saying! Social media can give your channel the loudest shout-out it needs. Do not share your entire video. Make use of short snippets of your video and ask your viewers to check the entire video on your YouTube Channel. You can also share ‘behind the scenes and bloopers’ while you were shooting your content on social media. Leave your viewers in suspense before you post the video on your YouTube Channel. You can also mention the time you will post the video in your channel description and on your social media accounts.

Use Google Ads Target your audience

To promote your videos and attract maximum attention you can run paid Google ads. All you need to is create an ad according to your budget and target your audience. You need to know the type of audience that will be interested in watching your videos. Make use of Google Ads to gain new views and new subscribers for your YouTube channel.

Be consistent

If you mention the timings and the days you upload video in your channel description, you need to be consistent. Also, YouTube’s algorithm checks how consistently you post videos on YouTube channel. To appear in YouTube’s search results you need to post videos frequently on your channel.

Collaborate with YouTube creators

YouTube creators will help you to promote your channel as they are already established on YouTube. They already have a huge fan following and that will help you to promote your videos. Therefore collaborating with YouTube creators proves to be of immense importance you can’t deny!

Promote brands

This will happen with time. Once you have enough subscribers you can start promoting brands and giveaways. This always grabs the viewers’ attention.


Concluding thoughts

These tips will definitely help you to grow and promote your videos on YouTube. If you want to increase views on your videos read How To Increase YouTube Views? in our guide.