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Top 11 Trending Topics for YouTube in 2020

YouTube is now the world’s largest video-sharing platform. With people creating more than 400 hours of video content for their niche-specific audience while making a fortune out of it like never before, it has become competitive not only for creators but also for brands fighting to leave a mark. With each day passing, creators are adapting to different trends. YouTube too has come a long way with its history of varying patterns. Let’s dig into the trends that YouTube and YouTubers have embraced in 2020.

Body and Beauty 

body and beauty

As mentioned before, YouTube comes only second to Google when we list down the top search engines in the world. And therefore YouTube has become the go-to platform to look for reviews of a product, health, and skincare advice, unboxing fancy products, gift suggestions for others and even to show some love to oneself. Even if the audience is not buying or doing as told by their favorite YouTubers, they still stick to the videos to share in their favorite creator’s experience. Some even opt to buy real YouTube Views for better reach and engagement.

Immersive Retail Marketing

immersive retail marketing

From being sophisticated to accepting trends that are very “next door” marketing strategies have come a long way. In immersive retail, people are made to interact with the product through creators making “How to Shop” or “Shop with me” kind of videos. The person shows why to buy the product, some preferred combination of products, things one should avoid while shopping, and ways to get the best deal from a particular store where they are known to go frequently. These YouTubers are called Influencers that their audience is obsessed with. The best thing about this type of marketing is that the audience gets an open platform to ask questions and put their curiosity to rest. 

Transformation videos

transformation videos

The fear of not being liked or looking unattractive has become a common problem. People want to get rid of the physical attributes that they think make them look unattractive. This has created a huge scope for brands and people who have the sense to provide tips that can transform a person’s look completely. Cosmetics, clothes, accessories, and fitness routines make the most out of this. 

While some find this offensive, others have taken this platform to embrace their natural beauty. “No make-up looks” and “I woke up like this” have developed a sense of security among people and have normalized the attributes they consider “worth hiding.” And therefore transformation videos have become an immensely popular trend in 2020. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that makeover videos are one of the most viewed videos on YouTube among others.  

ASMR videos

asmr videos

ASMR videos are the new trend that’s picking up pace these days for its unique ability to make people fall asleep. The full form of ASMR is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. This is a tingling sensation that is initiated at the scalp, slowly being taken down the spine up to the upper back. To stimulate the effect it’s combined with mild visuals, whispers, and other triggering sounds. Often soft-spoken hosts create these videos and the creativity is taken to another level when creators manage to use almost anything to create a variety of sounds. As a creator, if you plan on creating similar videos and need better reach you can opt for YouTube Paid Promotions to boost your views and reach among real audiences that you couldn’t reach before.

Sustainability and Minimalism

sustainability and minimalism

Exactly opposite to what we discussed in the first part of this blog, these how-to videos teach people about living a sustainable life. Some influencers teach people how to manage to live comfortably with little resources, sometimes even aimed at people driven by their materialistic urges and therefore missing out on the most beautiful stress-free side of life.

Videos like “The only 30 things I own” and “Why I got decluttered” are examples of such videos. These creators are commonly known as “Sustainable Influencer.” On their YouTube Channel, they show how to make the most out of the refill stations, share their reuse techniques, practice decluttering on camera, and take trash challenges to motivate people to live a simple and peaceful life! The viewer base is very dedicated since no second thought is needed to agree that they address a very common problem – Materialism! 

Life Hack Tutorials

life hack tutorials

Surprisingly we are all enticed to watching intelligent life hack videos every time we come across one. People are aware of new trends and so it’s natural to desire one. However, most things come at a great cost. Life Hack video creators have started gaining popularity for the fact that they come up with less expensive DIY alternatives for all the expensive technologies and products that are not affordable to common folks. The perks are, they save your time, they save your money and they make you well equipped and self-dependent! 

To quote some examples, preparing kilos of mayonnaise for a house party, revamping old furniture, turning old clothes into new looks, creating vintage papers at home, etc. are all cheaper life hacks compared to original or new products available in the market. 

Motion Graphics and VFX

motion graphics and vfx

Graphics is constantly evolving to become more real than ever before. The technology has not only become simpler but is also easily accessible today. Virtual reality and 3D videos have become the popular category that a designer can tap into to earn a dedicated audience. Graphic design has a bright future. If you think that’s one of your skills, then do not think twice before investing time into making it your expertise. If you are skeptical about the traffic you can try YouTube Advertising services to reach out to your audience. 

Day-in-the-life Routines

day-in-the-life routines

Motivation is the basic need of every human being. We all have goals but not all of us are lucky enough to know the methods of achieving them. But hey! Thanks to YouTube, you can now see how your favorite celebrities do what they do by witnessing a “Day-in-the-life” routine. If you are finding it difficult to kick start your day and get your things done like a pro, watch your favorite creator’s routine now. 

Documentary films

documentary films

If you are into movie making and scriptwriting, if stories fascinate you and if different walks of life inspire you then you have a huge audience to tap into with documentaries of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Brands like Royal Stack Barrel have very beautifully included storytelling in their YouTube marketing strategy. 

If you are not a brand and want to function independently, you can still create simple stories with a small team or interview people talking about their journey in life. These videos are gaining popularity because they involve a lot of human emotions and they depict the real side of life. 

Challenge Videos

challenge videos

Challenge videos are another category that keeps viewers engaged. Bottle Cap challenge, Try not to laugh challenge, Playing pranks, etc are videos that once watched can’t be left midway and makes you want to watch similar videos. Ordinary people living an ordinary life have also managed to take the platform by storm by creating such videos. 

Celebrity Channel

celebrity channel

With magazines and tabloids sensationalizing the life of most celebrities for all the wrong reasons most of the time, celebrity channels have come up as a boon for famous people to tell their stories from their point of view, making confessions, sharing their experiences with their audience. YouTube has allowed people to clear all the false air going around about them. 

As time passes, more and more trends are helping creators make more videos and keep their audience from getting bored. Such content not only engages viewers but also brings in more and more subscribers making such videos viral over the internet. Start your own trend on YouTube and raise your chances at becoming the next most visited YouTube channel.