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How to promote your YouTube channel for more views?

You have uploaded your first YouTube video. That enthusiasm, keenness is in you to keep on checking how many people viewed your content. Unfortunately, there are just quite a handful of views on your video. Does that mean you should stop uploading new, fresh content? Well… no. That means you need to promote yourself on YouTube. YouTube is a huge, remarkable platform to promote your personal brand, products, or services because its visual content directly helps you to engage your viewers immediately. It outranks all the other social media platforms in terms of engagement and bounce rate. 

According to online research and reports, YouTube remains in the first position followed by Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit respectively. Adding to its merits, YouTube has more than 2 billion viewers, 6 billion hours of videos watched monthly, and 100 hours of video uploaded every minute. Rather than missing out on such a great opportunity, shouldn’t we use it for our benefit? 

But first, you need to set up your YouTube profile

Set up your YouTube Profile

The first and foremost important step to promote yourself on YouTube is to create a strong personal profile. You gain your visitor’s trust by building up a good and clean personal profile. In order to fill out your personal profile, go on the main YouTube page. You can click on the menu icon, and then on “My Channel”. Now, click “About”. You can edit/fill your personal profile.

A YouTube Channel Description

Describing your YouTube channel is basically introducing yourself. You can tell your visitor about yourself, who you are, what you do, and what people can expect from your channel. The main aim of writing a strong YouTube channel description is to compel your audience to stay and watch your videos. However, the description needs to be short and crispy, not lengthy and boring. 

Your channel description will appear all over YouTube. Hence, describing your channel is of paramount importance. Two essential things to keep in mind while writing descriptions are using keywords and telling users how often you will post. Use keywords that suit your channel as well as SEO to attract more traffic. On the other hand, telling your audience how often you will post would create a rapport between you and your visitors.

Now, let’s see the ways you can promote your YouTube channel for more views:

Add Social Links to your YouTube Channel’s About Page

Add Social Media Links to Your About Page

In order to keep the audience engaged with your brand, you must add some links to your “About Page” on YouTube. These links will help you get more exposure. Well, to keep your brand image clean and best, the pages to these links must be very well arranged and visually appealing.

Following are some of the links you should include:

• Personal Website (if any)

• LinkedIn

• Twitter

• Facebook

• Instagram

• Google+

• Pinterest

Keep these links focused on your personal brand.

Liven Up Your Channel

Liven Up Your Channel - Channel template

No one likes a boring and desolate YouTube channel. In order to engage your audience and gather traffic to your channel, you must liven up your channel and make it look presentable. You can use YouTube’s channel art template and position it accordingly to make your channel look elegant. As your profile picture, you can use the brand logo (if you have), colors, or other standard brand features. You can find these templates on the tool Canva as well, where you can later customize it according to your taste. Tools like Tube Buddy can help you with a wide range of tools to make your work easier as well. 

Introduce Yourself in a Video

Introduce Yourself in your YouTube Video

Introduce yourself in a video, so that your viewers have a basic idea and understanding about you and your brand. In order to create a good quality introduction video, you must keep the camera stable and not hold it yourself. Using a decent background, minimizing the background noise, and editing the video to make it look visually wonderful will do the work. The video should be a couple of minutes or so and not too lengthy.

Publish Videos on your YouTube channel regularly

Publish Videos on your YouTube channel regularly

You must keep in mind to publish videos regularly or at a regular time interval. If the videos aren’t published at regular time intervals, then the audience might get bored and no longer visit your channel. The audience will more likely subscribe to your channel if you publish videos regularly. YouTube’s search results clearly indicate your publishing activity level.

Interact with your YouTube Audience

Interact with your YouTube Audience

Being active with your channel directly relates to the popularity of your brand. If you are not active on YouTube, then no one will know the existence of your brand. You can discuss videos in order to start a conversation and be active. Respond to your audience’s appreciation, suggestions, criticisms, etc. This will help you to create a bond with your visitors. Posting videos all the time to remain active isn’t a necessity; there are always other ways to engage such as commenting and engaging with your audience through polls and opinions.

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YouTube can be a very powerful medium for reaching an online audience. However, it is only possible if you engage yourself in the process. YouTube can be your secret weapon to success!